The Best Wedding Planning Podcasts

Wedding Wednesday has seriously become my favorite day of the week! Anyone else? We’ve already talked about kickstarting your wedding planning and setting your budget so today I’m going to share with you some more resources you can use for wedding planning. I have a 25 minute commute to and from work everyday and I’ve found that music really doesn’t do much to keep me alert during this time. So I’ve recently found that Podcasts are a blessing in this department! I usually listen to true crime podcasts (you can look forward to a post on those as well too) but since today is Wedding Wednesday we’re going to be talking about my favorite wedding planning podcasts!

I know what you’re thinking, wedding planning podcasts can’t possibly be that helpful, right? Wrong! I absolutely love listening to wedding planning podcasts (so much so that I’ve binged listened to a few of them). The great thing about podcasts is that they’re also shareable. So if you listen to an episode and you think your bridesmaids/mom/fiance/ should also listen, all you have to do is share it!

Okay, enough chit chat. The bottom line is that Wedding Planning podcasts are a great resource for bride-to-bes! You can find inspiration, how to’s, and advice about literally every wedding planning question under the sun. So let’s chat about my favorite wedding planning podcasts!

Wedding Planning Podcast

Wedding Planning Podcast is short, sweet, and to the point. Started by Kara who has over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry keeps most of her episodes to 12 minutes and under making these the most shareable wedding planning podcast episodes. Using her own wedding planning experience, Kara takes you through major DIY planning inspiration to tackling bridal events and shows. You’ll love her down to Earth advice.

TO DOs BEFORE I DO Wedding Podcast

If you’re looking for a more practical wedding planning podcast, definitely check out the To Dos Before I Do wedding podcast. Shaina has the most amazing voice and I absolutely love listening to her talk, especially about wedding related topics. The To Dos Before I Do Podcast is full of actionable advice for engaged couples. Shaina even has a few episodes where her husband takes over and talks directly to the guys! This is great, especially if you’re trying to get your fiance more involved in the wedding planning process. What I also love about this podcast is that Shaina has a lot of episodes where she actually interviews other wedding planning professionals.

The Bridechilla Podcast

If you’re fed up with wedding planning or just want some serious, no BS wedding planning advice, look no further. The Bridechilla Podcast is fantastic if you just need to unwind from the stress of wedding planning and get a little dose of reality that it’s really only one day of your life. Alicia sounds like your best girl friend who is just trying keep it real an honest as she’s dishing out wedding planning advice. I’ve gotten my fair share of a few laughs out of this one.

There you have it! That’s my list of my favorite wedding planning podcasts. I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts as I have because we all know how stressful wedding planning can be. If you know of a wedding planning podcast I haven’t listed, make sure to leave the name in the comments to help out other brides!

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