4 Things You Absolutely Must Do BEFORE Buying from an Online Boutique

Online boutiques are all the rage nowadays. It seems like everywhere you look someone is starting up a new online boutique. While online boutiques offer a great selection of unique and curated items, sometimes shopping online boutiques can be a stressful experience. I know more than once I’ve been fed up with my experience shopping at particular online stores.

Dealing with different brands, zero reviews, and a lack of diversity in model shape can lead you to have absolutely no idea what you’re going to end up getting once you’ve ordered. So today I figured I would take some of my “lessons learned” from shopping online boutiques and share them with you! After all, that’s what friends are for, right? I know you’re all dying for these tips so let’s get right into what you absolutely must do BEFORE buying from an online boutique.

Check out their Instagram

The very first thing I do when I find an online boutique is to check out their Instagram. Using Instagram is not only a great tool to find new online boutiques but to also find out how their clothes really wear IRL. My golden rule for shopping online boutiques is that they must absolutely feature real people wearing the clothing items. Ideally, their Instagram will feature a variety of content from both the brand and others who have purchased the clothing. For most online boutiques, this is as close as you’ll get to a review system.

Know your measurements

Online boutiques are known for their curated collections which means they almost always feature a ton of different small label brands. This pretty much means that you’re going to have to know you bust, hip, and waist measurements in order to ensure you pick the correct size. I know this is something that I consistently struggle with because I can be three different sizes at any given time when I’m shopping online boutiques.

Check measurements of clothing and fabric before ordering

This tip may seem like a given but even if you think you know how an item will fit, make sure to check the sizing measurements. With boutiques, even tops from the same brand will vary so you definitely want to do your due diligence and check those measurements! Additionally, check the description box to see if the sizing info for the model are included. Knowing what size the model is wearing can be key when ensuring the clothing fits the way you are expecting. For example, a model who usually wears a small might have sized up in a top to make it fit more loosely.

Double check their return policy

Nothing puts an online boutique on my bad side quicker than an annoying return policy. You should get in the habit of triple checking the return policy of each boutique before you place an order. It’s important to remember that every online boutique is independently owned and operated and therefore is most likely going to have a different return policy than the next! Pay attention to whether or not return shipping is free or will be deducted from your refund and whether or not you will get your money back or credit for the boutique. Also take note of what service the return shipping will be going through as this can often differ from the way the boutique actually sends out the packages (USPS vs. UPS for example).

Do you have any great tips to share when it comes to shopping online boutiques? I’ve had to break up with a few recently and would love some recommendations of great boutiques to shop! Let’s help each other out in the comments below. See ya next time, y’all!