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6 Things We Learned from our PCS to Alaska

Another year, another PCS season. In our short time with the military, we've managed to experience two of the most popular types of moves in just a year. When we did our DITY move to Georgia, I shared some lessons we learned so I figured I would do the same to talk about our experience getting moved by military movers to Alaska. Mostly so I could make a list to remember what to avoid next time LOL.

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Life, Lately Vol. 1: We Moved to Alaska!

Life, Lately is an ongoing series on Made in Mom Jeans where I’ll be sharing, well, life lately! You can expect to find all of the life updates you’re looking for here from how Jasper is doing to what we’re up to as a family to important blog and social media updates. In the first edition of Life, Lately I’ll be talking all about our move to Alaska, share a little more about the house, what it was really like living without Internet for a month and Jasper’s 2 month update!

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An Open Letter to our Fort Benning Home

PCS season for military families means leaving one home and moving to another. It can be so hard to make a house into a home when you know that your time there is short and that it’s just temporary, even if you own the home. I wanted to make sure that my family was cherishing every moment in each of our houses along this Army journey and I thought a great way to do that would be to write a letter to each of our homes along with taking photos of our first day in each home and our last day (give or take) in each home. This is my first open letter to our Fort Benning home, 307B.

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