A Festive Frock for the Fourth

When I picked this little red and white dress up at J. Crew Factory a few weeks ago, I knew instantly that I was going to be grabbing it all summer. It's totally light and breezy and basically screams summer. Not to mention red is such a hot color trend right now. I normally am not the type of girl to pull off a red dress but man do I feel good in this one! I originally purchased this floral frock back in May as a last minute option for West Point grad week and ended up wearing it to Justin's graduation parade where we got this amazing snapshot. Name a more iconic couple, I'll wait. 

DRESS | red and white floral dress | CLUTCH | bamboo clutch |

EARRINGS | navy beaded oval statement earrings | SHOES | cognac leather sandals

Okay, I'm totally kidding, obviously but Y'all know I love to have a little more fun with these fashion posts. What I love most about this J. Crew Factory dress is how festive it will be for the 4th of July. Seriously, just paired with these super cute true navy statement earrings also from J. Crew Factory and you've got yourself one patriotic look! Justin and I don't know what our plans are for this years holiday since it falls on a Wednesday but we're anticipating doing a "minimoon" type of local getaway since we didn't take a honeymoon. 

If you're reading this in real time then we are currently en route to Georgia! I can't believe 1) that we've already been married for two whole weeks and 2) that we're going to be moving into our very first home in just a few days. Things around the blog and YouTube channels may be a little off for the next few days as we're not slated to have WiFi until Tuesday but I'll be keeping y'all updated as much as I can on Instagram so make sure you're following me over there for real-time updates! 

Until next time, Y'all, 

- Darrian