Bullet Journal Gift Guide

I started my first bullet journal back in August and I am happy to say that it is something I continue to use on a daily basis. Once I transitioned from being a student, having a bullet journal just seemed to fit more with where I was in my life.

If you know someone who loves to bullet journal, has talked about starting a bullet journal, or just likes to make lists, this gift guide for bullet journals is going to be great for you! Bonus, they're all available on Amazon with Prime shipping for you last minute shoppers out there!

Gift Guide for Bullet Journals.png

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

If you know someone who wants to get started with bullet journaling, getting them the right notebook for it is the perfect gift! The Leuchtturm1917 is probably the most popular notebook for bullet journalers because it’s designed specifically for bullet journals from the guy who created the entire bullet journal system. I actually use this one for my own bullet journal which you can read more about here!


I love these highlighters and have been using them long before I got into bullet journals but these would make a great gift for anyone who loves to plan or uses a bullet journal. You can buy them separately if you’re unsure about getting someone a ton of highlighters as a gift but I prefer the whole set. These liners are also great because they come in their own little packages for easy wrapping.

TOMBOW Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set

These are probably the best pens I have ever used, ever. I’m a huge pen snob so the fact that I even say that about a particular pen is insane. I didn’t start using these until recently when I purchased them for the purpose of addressing our Save the Dates and wedding invitations. They write smooth and give that hand lettered effect without having to truly learn how to letter.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

This adorable little printer from Polaroid is actually on my own Christmas list this year because I’m obsessed with doing memory pages in my bullet journal. I have a ton of pictures stuffed in there that I’ve painstakingly printed and glued or taped into my journal so I love the idea of having an instant print of a picture and being able to stick it right in!

Crayola Super Tip Washable Markers

For those of us who want to start  a bullet journal but aren’t necessarily the most artistically inclined individuals, these markers are THE BEST for adding color and designs to an otherwise boring notebook. These Crayola markers are easy to use and many different sorts of lines and thickness can be created with these markers!

Homecube Big Capacity Pencil Case

Another great gift for someone who loves to plan or bullet journal is a pencil case. I know I am always struggling to find one big enough to keep all of my stuff in. This pencil case is HUGE and would be great for storing anything from pens and markers to washi tape.

Paxcoo 6 Pcs Stainless Steel Journal Stencils

One of the hardest things about bullet journaling for me is making things consistent. I love these stainless steel journal stencils that can be used for a variety of different banners, symbols, doodles and more! There are a ton of packages like this so the options are truly endless when it comes to giving these as gifts.

Modern & Vintage Washi Tape Set

I love love love washi tape sets and including it in my bullet journal. From decorating or marking a page to securing pictures, washi tape is a must have for any bullet journal collection. I love the idea of having a washi tape set. All of the washi goes together for a cohesive look. You could even create an entire bullet journal themed gift basket for your friend or loved one coordinated with the washi tape. Talk about cute!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

I actually got these way before I got started with bullet journals because of a journaling bible I had purchased but these are great for someone who is a more advanced artistic bullet journaler. These are a cult favorite among the bullet journal community.

Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide

I’m actually going to pick this book up for myself because I think it’s cute and would make a great coffee table book. But this is especially a great gift for someone who may not necessarily want to start a bullet journal but you think it would be something they enjoy.