Caffe Macchiato in Newburgh, New York

Happy Monday everyone! Today is pretty exciting because I'm introducing something new on the blog: Hometown Hits! I know life as an Army wife is going to lead me to many places I've never been before so I thought West Point was a perfect place to start this series. Each month I'll be feature one local bar, restaurant, or other attraction I love! I titled it Hometown Hits but feel free to suggest other titles for this series as I hope to continue it indefinitely! Now let me gush about my absolute favorite local eatery: Caffee Macchiato in Newburgh, New York.

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When I first started working at West Point (before Justin was even in the picture) I moved to Newburgh, New York from Morgantown, West Virginia. I had never been to West Point or to the surrounding area. In fact, the closest I had ever been was New York City itself. At first glance, Newburgh does not look like the kind of place you want to hang out. There are old boarded up brick buildings that line the street and store fronts that nod to a time long gone when the streets were filled with those trying to escape the lights and sounds of the big city. 

Nestled just across the street from George Washington's Headquarters, and about a 25 minute drive from West Point, is little Caffee Macchiato. The cafe itself is filled with bits of vintage charm and I adore the maps of old Newburgh and local parks that can be found hanging on the walls. The restaurant has changed hands a few time but the current owner is an absolute gem. She has made a seemingly uninviting area a little vintage piece of heaven on the map that is Newburgh. 

caffe macchiato newburgh ny

One glance at the menu, packed with locally sourced, seasonal items, and it's clear why Caffee Macchiato isn't your typical lunch spot. Each dish is artfully prepared and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, tastes amazing. I used to go to Caffee Macchiato with a coworker for lunch nearly every day and there is not one thing I've tried on the revolving menu that I haven't liked. Even the crab cake sandwich pictured above was delishous and being from the south, I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to crab cakes. 

caffe macchiato in newburgh new york

While I don't make it for weekday lunches anymore, Caffee Macchiato is my go-to brunch spot. I even went here with my bridesmaids before going wedding dress shopping for the first time! The one thing we can all learn from Caffe Macchiato is that you should really never ever judge a book by its cover. 

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Caffe Macchiato in Newburgh, New York
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The next time you're near West Point and looking for a great local place to swing by for a weekday lunch or brunch on Saturday, look no further than Caffee Macchiato in Newburgh, New York. Here are a few of my favorite items to round out the post:

Darrian's Caffe Macchiato Favorites

  • Lavender Latte

  • Grilled Cheese and Soup of the Day

  • Avocado Toast

  • Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich