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Here's What Living Out of a Suitcase for a Month Taught Me about Fashion

For our recent move to Alaska, I chose to challenge myself to only take one suitcase. I was so nervous about how I would feel about not having my entire wardrobe at my disposal for at least a month but looked at it as a fun way of learning what my style has really become over the last few years. I’m excited to share what I learned about fashion after living out of a suitcase for a month with you!

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Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, June 2019

Random Sh*t I Love is a collection of monthly favorites that will be posted the last Thursday of each month! I love sharing my monthly favorites with you guys which can include anything from items I’ve purchased, stuff we’re binge watching on Netflix, or major life events happening. This months favorites some seriously great skincare products, the t-shirt dresses I’ll be wearing all Spring and Summer, and more!

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Currently In My Shopping Cart, 6/20/19

I love sharing the things I’m currently shopping for with you guys and y’all seriously loved the last post I did about what was currently in my shopping cart (hard to believe that was just after Jasper was born!). So I figured I would make this a thing that happens every other Friday on MIMJ. If you’ve been following along on our moving journey then you’ll know we just moved into a HUGE house with lots of blank empty walls. Our stuff comes NEXT FRIDAY thank the sweet Lord but you can expect to find me shopping for a lot of home decor for the foreseeable future. Baby items are also a frequent purchase as Jasper is growing so fast and I’m always looking for new things to entertain him with. I’ll be doing a Baby Essentials blog post for his 0-3 month favorites coming up soon so stay tuned for that if you’re interested in all the baby things.

Let me know what you’re shopping for, products your loving, and whatever else you’re currently coveting down in the comment section! I love seeing what you guys are buying and you seriously have THE BEST recommendations!

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Everything You Need to Know about Flying with Pets

When we made the decision to fly instead of drive for our move to Alaska I was so freaked out about the idea of flying with pets. Thankfully, we ended up having a pleasant experience flying with dogs in cargo and flying with a cat as a carry on. After getting tons of questions about our experience, I decided to round up everything you need to know about flying with pets!

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