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Our Unplugged Date to Georgia's Little Grand Canyon featuring Gold Peak Tea at Krystal's

Dating, when you finally find the right person, is probably one of the most blissful parts of a relationship. There are still butterflies, you're still SO excited to see each other when the day ends, and there's still lots of adventures and "firsts" to be had. The possibilities, when you're dating, are really endless. But what happens once you've been dating for a few years and your relationship has seemingly hit a wall of stagnant "date nights" that include watching Netflix while simultaneously scrolling on your phones?

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What to ACTUALLY Expect when Planning a Wedding

 About a week ago on Instagram, I asked you all to send me recommendations on the kind of blog posts you wanted to see in the next month or so. One of the suggestions I got had to do with what to expect when planning a wedding. I figured that not only would this be a great way for me to round up all of the wedding planning posts I've done over the course of our engagement but also be a great way to share with Y'all the different phases of wedding planning. 

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Our Wedding: Mishaps + Memories

Wow guys, here it is! What might be the last wedding post I ever right (unless there is something more wedding related you want to see). I have loved doing #WeddingWeek here with you guys and sharing all our amazing pictures, wedding decorations, and more! I think you guys have enjoyed it almost as much as me, if not more! 

To wrap up #WeddingWeek I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that went wrong and some of my favorite moment of our wedding day! I have been dying to share this post with Y'all literally since the wedding day happened becuase there were some moments that were just TOO funny. 

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Our Wedding: Ceremony and Reception Details + Vendor Round-Up

We interrupt the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts to continue Wedding Week! I know half of you are probably thinking, "THANK GOD!" at this point, amiright? Today is super exciting, for me at least, because I'm recapping all of our wedding ceremony and reception details and including a complete list of every vendor we used so if you're looking to get married at West Point or you live in the Hudson Valley, make sure to check out our amazing vendors! 

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Our Wedding: My Wedding Day Look + Extra Details

My wedding day look was absolutely everything I dreamed it would be. I wanted to look comfortable, myself, and most importantly, beautiful. I was so afraid, given how critical I am of my body, myself in pictures, etc. that I would get our photographs back and absolutely hate the way I looked but I'm happy to report that's not the case! Liza, our wonderful photographer has a way of capturing such natural beauty. I have never looked at one of the pictures she's taken of me and thought I looked bad. That's an art form, in my opinion. 

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