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It’s actually been a hot minute since I wrote one of these posts. Like, where did July go? We are finally settled and it’s such a good feeling, even if it was just in time for my husband to leave for a month. I’ve got lots of fun things to share with you guys for August. I’m getting the finishing touches to the nursery so that I can finally share that. I’m so excited for Jasper to have his own space. Well, two actually since we’re also making him a play area downstairs. I’m also starting to think about fall because it’s getting cooler here already. But I’m definitely not complaining. Give me all the fall vibes, please!

Sam Edelman Rain Boots - When it comes to shoes, Sam Edelman is my go to brand because I know I can order them and they’ll fit. I have insanely tiny feet (though I swear they’ve actually grown since being pregnant) and it’s always been such a hassle for me to find shoe that fit. With fall in Alaska coming sooner rather than later, I knew I would be needing a pair of rain boots for both this season as well as spring. The problem is that not only do I have to account for my tiny ass feet but I also have to work around my large calves. Trust me, you do not ever want to go shoe shopping with me LOL. I snagged these Sam Edelman Rain Boots off of Amazon in a Chelsea Style of boot which I really like. I’m not sure I’ll be sticking with the glossy black (I think I might be more of a Sangria girl) but I think these will be the perfect addition to my shoe wardrobe and become a staple throughout the fall.

Three Photo Frame - Recently I put an accordion rack up beside of my bed. It’s where I hang all of my favorite things, like my WildBird Ring Slings, jean jacket, hats, etc. I was originally planning on doing a shelf over the top of it but honestly shelves are expensive and I like saving money. Plus, I’m a firm believer in printing photos and hanging them around the house. I don’t know if I’ll buy this specific frame or not, I may keep looking around town before deciding but I’m definitely excited about getting some photos put in our bedroom!

Fjalraven Kanken Backpack - I love our Fawn Design diaper bag and definitely don't regret getting it but I have come to realize that we don’t really reach for it that often. Rarely am I lugging that diaper bag to restaurants and the store and when I do it’s kind of big and I have a tendency to overpack. So I’ve been looking into getting another option for us to have and use more on a daily basis. Of course, I just recently sold both of my Fjalraven Backpacks because I wasn’t using them… so that joke is on me but I’m thinking about picking up this Acorn color one to have to use as a diaper bag for more regular occasions. Plus, I like that I could take it hiking and camping without having to worry about ruining it and how much it weighs.

Madewell Cardigan - Believe it or not, it’s already starting to cool down here in Alaska. I’m talking basically the perfect fall temps. I’m living for it. But that means winter is quickly approaching and I just did a look through my closet to see what I need to get and what I need to splurge on. Now that I’ve been working on my wardrobe I know the styles I want to have and I’m more inclined to spend on a pricey item like this Madewell cardigan that I know is going to last forever.

Wooden Baby Toys (1, 2, 3) - I’ve started working on Jasper’s play area which is behind our living room and adjoins the kitchen. He doesn’t really seem interested in a lot of the toys that he already has (that we didn’t purchase) so I’m really interested in swapping them out with wooden toys for the more Montessori approach. Amazon has tons of options when it comes to wooden toys which I love. I’m obsessed with the hanging fixture but he is already started to sit up so I’m not sure how much longer he would actually be interested in it. Still, I linked it because it’s stunning and I know a lot of you are having babies soon! What’s great about this wooden one versus one that attaches to a playmat is that it is much easier to store. I love our Skiphop playmat but the cross bars that the toys hang on are annoying to attach and even more annoying to store. I don’t want to take it apart every time we use it. This wooden version is nice enough to leave sitting out.

Cube Storage Baskets - The nursery is finally starting to come together and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you guys. I am working on getting things organized and so I repurposed a cube unit that we had in the guest room of our last house to use in his room. The problem is that the baskets are still filled with things that we still need to find storage solutions for so I basically just need more baskets. Can you ever really have to many? I think not. I love the look of these woven ones and that they come in a 4-pack which makes ordering them a no brainer.

Rocking Chair - One big piece we’re still in need of for the nursery is a rocking chair. I love this one and think it would be the perfect addition to his nursery. The only reason I haven't ordered it yet is because we need to replace our camera but we’ll see if I make it through a month of night time routines on my own before I cave and order it.

Circle Shelf - Like the picture frame I mentioned earlier, Jasper’s nursery also has an accordion shelf. Instead of doing a photo there though I think I want to do some sort of shelving for decorations that we’ve picked up over the years and from friends. There are a lot of square shapes in his room right now so I think the circular design of this shelf would be a good addition.

Play Mat - Back to Jasper’s play area, it’s in desperate need of a play mat. He is already trying so hard to be mobile that I want to get everything squared away for when he gets there and, since I think it will be sooner rather than later I’ve basically moved this play mat to the top of our priority list. I love that this mat doesn’t look like your typical play mat and will fit nicely with the decor we have in the playroom already as well as the rest of our home.

What’s currently in your shopping cart? What are you looking for?

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