Darrian and Justin | Vlog 78 | It's Basically Grad Week

How crazy is it that when you're watching this it is Grad Week at West Point for the USMA 2018?! We are so excited for the graduation festivities to begin but first, we are sharing this past Saturday with Y'all. It was another rainy one but we watch the royal wedding, cook a HelloFresh meal, work on our wedding welcome bags, and show you some of the damage from last week's terrible storm. 

Let me know how you like this new editing style! It makes those typical boring days seem a little bit special to me. 

We've now made it easier to watch every episode of Darrian and Justin from the beginning! I created a playlist that has ever vlog in order from the very first one (even if they are a bit cringy) which is super easy to binge watch. I'm so excited we have these memories to look back on.