Gift Guide for Guys

Shopping for those special guys in your life can be the absolute hardest thing to do during the holiday season. Seriously, why are guys SO hard to shop for? It's ridiculous the number of hours I have spent scrolling through Amazon or wandering aimlessly around the mall looking for the perfect gift for Justin or my dad.

I don't even remember what I have gotten each of them for recent holidays so that right there should tell you how much buying gifts for guys sucks. That's why I rounded up a few things and put together this gift guide for guys for y'all! I know there are more than a few girls out there going "BLESS UP" because they stumbled upon this post. 

Gift Guide for Guys.png

L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece PrimaLoft Vest | I don't know if you know this but I have a little bit of a vest obsession and I love the idea of Justin and I taking pictures in a Christmas tree farm wearing vests. I've actually never even seen him in a vest but I think he would look seriously handsome in this one from L.L. Bean. Also, can we talk about how L. L. Bean literally has the best fleece?

Men's Ray-Ban 'Classic Clubmaster' 51Mm Sunglasses - Dark Tortoise/ Green | I love a good pair of sunglasses and recently upgraded to a new pair of Ray-Bans myself. The number one rule I have for buying Christmas gifts for Justin is to buy him stuff I know he would never buy himself. I love the idea of surprising him with something like these classic Clubmaster sunglasses. 

Acne Studios Grey Canada Narrow Scarf | I don't care who you are, every guy could use a good scarf. The neutral grey color of this one is sure to go with any guy's wardrobe.

J.Crew Slim-Fit Buffalo-Checked Cotton-Flannel Shirt | Something I always try to get guys on my list for Christmas is a good flannel shirt. If your guy is anything like Justin then he doesn't buy himself new clothes very often if at all and usually has to be forced to (like that time I literally took him to Kohl's and said we weren't leaving until he bought a new pair of jeans because there was a hole in the ones he was wearing). J. Crew makes some of the best flannels out there so these are a great gift!

Aesop The Intrepid Gent Grooming Kit | Whether your guy likes taking care of his skin or not, I think we can all agree that it's pretty important, especially when you're shaving every day. I've been trying to get Justin to step up his skin care and shaving game since we started dating and I think this year might be the one where he finally gets a kit under the tree!

Polo Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Cable-Knit Merino Wool And Cashmere-Blend Sweater | I love giving and receiving Cashmere sweaters for Christmas. There's just something about them. 

Men's Patagonia Retro-X Fleece Jacket | I have three Patagonia's in my closet right now and can 100% say that they're my go-to in the winter. I love this Retro-X Fleece Jacket so much I might have to get it for myself...

Samson Leather Duffle Bag | I think there are few things less luxurious for men than a leather duffel bag. I know Justin would never ever say he actually wanted something like this but it is definitely a gift that any guy is going to appreciate for years and years to come!