How We're Dealing with Loss (During a Time of Celebration) | Darrian and Justin

The last two weeks of our lives have been a roller coaster of emotion. Justin graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and found out about the death of a close family friend. Then less than a week later, we celebrated our wedding day and a day later found out that Darrian's grandfather (Papap) had passed away. We knew immediately that we needed to sit down and share our experiences with you about how we're dealing with loss during a time of celebration because it can be so difficult to know when to be happy and when to be sad. We hope you find encouragement from this video. 

I promise things will be getting back to normal around here starting this week. I will have full recaps on both graduation and our wedding coming up this week on the blog as well as getting back into the Saturday Morning Coffee posts we all love so much! Thank you to everyone who has sent sweet comments, condolences, and congratulations our way. We seriously love you so so so much!