I Took the Enneagram Test and Here's What Happened

I have been seeing people talk about the Enneagram Test kind of everywhere lately. I’ve always enjoyed learning more about personality types and that sort of thing so I figured, after seeing the test mentioned three different places this morning, that I would take the test and share my experience with you guys! This definitely wasn’t the post that I was intending to write today but things happen and I took seeing the Enneagram Test talk everywhere as a sign that I should take it. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Enneagram of Personality, as defined by Wikipedia, is basically a model of the human psyche that includes nine personality types.

The test I took was located here.

I had heard the test was long but I didn’t feel as though it took me a long time to complete it. There are definitely over 70 questions that you get asked and some of them were super relatable and had me clicking AGREE within seconds. Others made me think for awhile about whether or not I truly did agree or disagree based on my life experience or my own thoughts and feelings.

I had only heard what one of the actual types was before taking the test so I truly had no idea what I was going to “score” when I started. When my results came up though, I immediately knew that they had hit the nail right on the head.

I Took the Enneagram Test and Here's What Happened

My Enneagram Number is 4: The Romantic.

According to my results, “4's believe they are missing something essential in their makeup without which they will never feel complete or “fit in.” Creative, sensitive, and moody, 4’s are are motivated by a need to be unique and understood.” Reading this description had me nodding my head like a bobblehead figure. The little chart they gave to show my Enneagram on the symbol has two arrows that are also pointing to numbers 1 and 2. The arrow to 1 (Perfectionist) shows the word growth and the arrow to 2 (Helper) shows the word stress. The description doesn’t actually provide a reasoning behind this graphic but I can only assume that I’m to interpret it that I grow when I’m being more of a Perfectionist and I feel more stress when I’m being more of a Helper.

I Took the Enneagram Test and Here's What Happened

I’m definitely excited to dive more into my Enneagram number and the whole system now that I’ve taken the test. I chose this particular website because they have a podcast and a book that actually helps you work through becoming more self-aware and learning more about your Enneagram number.

I know this blog post is short but I really just wanted to chat a bit about this topic and see what your thoughts were on it! I’ll definitely be doing a few updates on the Enneagram Test as I learn more about what it means to be a 4!

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