#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Three

September 16th


Some days you just need to crack open a bottle of wine and eat a loaf of bread from the bakery. I won’t admit to how often I do this….

September 17th


Stepping into motherhood has been great time for me to explore my personal style more. Over a year ago I really started cutting back on what I was buying and started focusing on pieces I love. I’ve always been into fashion but really only wore what I thought everyone else would enjoy. Lately I’ve been loving just thrifting great pieces like this Eddie Bauer turtle neck and living in my $20 jeans from Target.

September 18th


I made this.

September 19th


Jasper spent his first weekend away from me and I’m not going to lie about how hard packing for him was knowing that I would have to go a full day and two nights without cuddles. The bond we create with our children is incredible. But it is wild when you have to say goodbye to someone you haven’t been without for over a year if you count pregnancy. I’m so blessed to be able to experience motherhood.

September 20th


Fall in Alaska.

September 21st


Saturday we went to Target and a museum. I snapped this picture without any thought behind it, just lifted the camera and clicked the button. But I’m so glad I did. I’m so grateful to be able to take a few days to focus on our marriage. The world would be a better place if everyone went to therapy even when there isn’t anything wrong.

September 22nd


There is one highway that connects Fairbanks and basically the rest of Alaska. I’ve driven this highway during two different seasons of life and it each time we drive it has been just as amazing as the first time. If you had told me the first time I drove this highway that I would be back a few years later with the same guy and our son, I wouldn’t have believed you but I’m so grateful that this is the way life has worked out.

Chat soon, Darrian