#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

September 9th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

Jasper turned 5 months old this week. He is already trying to pull himself up and is quite successful when using our hands. It has been absolutely amazing to watch him grow and change everyday. I think I said this last time but I just can’t believe how quickly these moments have flown by. He’ll be mobile before we know it and I have a feeling based on that look in his eye that he’ll be giving me a run for my money.

September 10th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

Mornings here are my favorite. They’re full of cuddles with Jasper while he drinks his milk and coffee with my husband (most days). Followed by food for Jasper and more coffee for me. Watching him learn to love food has been so fun. Normally we only give him these pouches when we’re on the go but he had a leftover one that needed to be finished. I think he loves how independent he can be with them and I don’t mind having my hands free for a few minutes. He absolutely loves food though and is already trying to take a bite (and drink) of everything I have. Yes, he’s already trying to drink my coffee.

September 11th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

Since we moved to Alaska, I’ve been doing a lot of thrifting. I love that it’s beneficial to our budget and the planet. I’ve been loving bringing in pieces like this beautiful basket into our home. Pieces like this give it some much needed character. When we first saw the house, I was devastated because it was such a blank slate. It didn’t have any of the character that our last home had and it made me more emotional than I was expecting. But slowly it’s coming together with the help of touches like this.

September 12th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

I want to soak in moments like this forever.

September 13th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

This tree in front of our house is one of the last green ones in the neighborhood. Fall is such short season here in Alaska. The landscape bursts into color in an instant, flooding the world with color. I can’t wait to see what this tree looks like when all of the leaves turn. It was so pretty in the beginning of summer when we moved here and it was in bloom.

September 14th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

These are a few of my favorite things:

-My new boots (Blundstone’s)


-The comfiest $10 Walmart sweatshirt

-The rug from Lowe’s that I spent a weekend talking my husband into.

September 15th

#MadeIn365Days Photo Diary - Week Two

Jasper and I took a walk to see the leaves only to realize that most of them have already fallen. I knew Fall here was short but it’s breathtaking just how short it is. It’s still my favorite season, though. Cooler mornings and nights and the perfect warm temps during the day. Jasper hardly slept the night before this (which made it a two pots of coffee kind of day for mom) so I was happy to snap this picture of him grabbing a little snooze on our walk. He spent the rest of it making eyes at me and cooing which is my favorite sound.

Chat soon, Darrian