My Most Worn Items of 2018

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About a week ago, I asked you guys over on Instagram (@darrianmchamb if you wanna join that fam) if you wanted to see a roundup of my most worn items in 2018. I’m definitely not a fashion blogger by any stretch of the imagination so I was so excited when you guys said yes (overwhelmingly, might I add!) to seeing this post along with the top items I purchased in 2018 which will be coming at ya next week. We’re well into 2019 but who cares, right?

Anyways 2018 was a solid year for me as far as fashion purchases go. In 2018, I really wanted to focus less on buying lots and lots of clothes and more on creating a wardrobe that I loved and that would sustain me for years to come. My most worn items of 2018 are all items that I truly love and have become total staples in my wardrobe. I’m definitely not completely there yet (pregnancy through a wrench in my style game during the last part of the year) but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, especially after clearing out my closet in the beginning of the month. I love some of these clothing items so much that I am literally counting down the days until I can wear some of them again!

The Mom Jeans

My Most Worn Items of 2018 | Made in Mom Jeans

2018 was the year where I really stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to denim. Before this year, I was a standard mid-rise skinny jean type of girl. As someone who is curvier regardless of what size they’re wearing, I didn’t think I could really pull off any other kind of denim. And then I discovered The Mom Jean. Y’all, these jeans changed my life. That sounds dramatic but if you scroll through Instagram and count how many times I’ve worn them over the last year, I think that speaks for itself. These jeans made me feel like a powerhouse from the instant I put them on.

The Denim Jacket

My Most Worn Items of 2018 | Made in Mom Jeans

I remember picking this jacket up in Forever 21 when I got to Nashville for my Bachelorette party. I don't even know why I picked it up, other than I guess I wanted a little more of an oversized one in my wardrobe than what I already had. The instant I put it on, I knew we were meant to be. Out of all of the items in my closet, this is by far the piece I grab the most. It comes with me virtually everywhere because it goes with everything and is just so dang easy. If you don’t have an oversized denim jacket in your closet, do yourself a favor and get one.

Eliza J Dresses

My Most Worn Items of 2018 | Made in Mom Jeans

I knew going into 2018 that between the West Point and wedding events, I’d be needing a lot of dresses. Finding good quality dresses has always been a struggle for me because I’m under 5 feet tall. Nothing ever fits me correctly and hardly any brand comes in Petite sizes. When If found my first Eliza J dress that I wore for our engagement photos and to my cousins wedding, I knew I had found the brand of dresses for me. In 2018, I purchased and wore three different Eliza J dresses (so now I have four) and they’re all still hanging in my closet. I know that I can always grab one of these dresses for any event we may have. The classic styles mean they’ll be in fashion for years to come and the fact that I don’t have to get any of them altered makes them worth the money in my book.

Honorable Mentions

Marc Fisher Wedges - I purchased these shoes as well for all of the events we’d have last year and they didn’t disappoint. They’re comfortable enough that I can wear them for hours, even when standing the entire time, and easy to walk in. Plus, the color makes them go well with nearly everything in my closet. On my list to purchase this year are a similar pair in a brown color to transition into fall.

Ugg Slippers - I purchased these for a few reasons. The first, being that our house can get really cold no matter if it’s 100 degrees outside or not and my feet were always freezing. The second, I knew I would want some sort of slipper for the hospital when Jasper finally makes his appearance and the third, being that we’re moving to Alaska in 2019 where a good pair of slippers is a must. These are affordable (under $100) and easy to slip on which makes them perfect for running errands or taking the dogs out in the mornings.

Universal Thread Denim - I did an entire Universal Thread try-on haul at the beginning of 2018 when the line first launched because I was so excited about it. Good looking, quality jeans at an affordable price? Yes please! I already can’t wait to hit up Target once I’m no longer pregnant and try on the latest styles and designs.

There you guys have it, my most worn items of 2018! It’s so nice to look back at this list of clothing items and realize that I absolutely love every one of these pieces and they’ve truly become a staple in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for my personal style! What was your most worn item of 2018?