My TULA Beauty Review with Before and After Photos

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My TULA Beauty Review with Before and After Photos

If you follow any serious blogger or Instagrammer then you’ve probably heard of TULA Beauty products. TULA skincare has been blowing up my feeds and stories lately and I honestly thought it was too good to be true. We all know the struggle of finding a good skincare product but when literally everyone is raving about something (and most of them are working with the brand) it can be hard to decipher whether or not that product is actually worth it or is just seriously hyped up.

I wanted to investigate so I chose to try TULA Beauty products for two weeks to see what they were like. This post is in no way sponsored by TULA Beauty and they have no idea I did this or that I’m writing this TULA Beauty review. But I wanted to see a down-to-earth TULA Beauty Review with before and after photos to see if the TULA products were actually worth the hype and since I typically write what I need (or wish I could find) I figured you guys could benefit from this too!

About my skin

My skin is an honest to goodness mess. It can get super oily and acne prone, I have hormonal breakouts a lot of the time and my acne takes forever to go away and heal. Not to mention I have a massive amount of unexplained redness on my cheeks that even the Dermatologist doesn’t know how to fix. Since I turned 25 a few years ago my skin has royally freaked out and I had honestly given up on trying to find products that worked for it. I’ve tried everything from drug store standouts to higher end beauty brands in the past and even creams and medicine from the dermatologist but nothing has really seemed to actually do my skin any good.

My goal for this TULA Beauty Review was to try out three products, day and night for two weeks and share the results. Here’s the rundown of my experience using TULA Beauty Products!

Products Purchased

TULA Purifying Face Cleanser

TULA Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel

TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream

TULA Beauty First Impressions

I immediately loved the TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream. I’ve tried A LOT of moisturizers over the years and have never found one I truly liked until this one. The Hydrating Day and Night Cream feels so good on the skin. It’s lightweight which doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all, regardless of how much I put on (I like to add more at night) and yet still super hydrating. In fact, it’s probably the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever used.

The TULA Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel took a bit to get used to. I wasn’t sure at first if it was actually making my redness worse or not which had me a bit skeptical. The texture is also a little grainy which was unusual to me.

I didn’t find the smell of the products overwhelming at all like many of the reviews that I read online mentioned. The scent is definitely a more clean and almost medical scent than most skincare products I’ve used but I think the lack of fragrance to make the product smell good is one of the benefits. The strongest smelling product to me is honestly the cleanser and I didn’t find it off putting at all.

On days one and two my skin was super oily. I think this was just a natural reaction to switching skincare products so suddenly and actually getting back into a skincare routine where I was using each product in the morning and at night. My skin was usually pretty oily pre pregnancy but has been trending on the dryer side since getting pregnant so I was surprised at the oil reaction. It cleared up by the third day, however so I don’t know if it was the products or just environmental/hormonal changes.

By the third day, I could tell a noticeable difference in both the oil product of my skin and the redness. I have tried hundreds of products to help me reduce the redness of my skin since it randomly appeared, even prescriptions from the dermatologist and I have never seen as noticeable a reduction in the redness with simply using products as I have with TULA. (The only thing that has truly worked to reduce it at a drastic level was the facial I got before our wedding).

TULA Beauty One Week Update

After using these products regularly morning and night for one week, I saw a definite reduction in the number of breakouts I was experiencing. Even my stubborn cystic and hormonal acne was seemingly not popping up as much as prior to starting these products and were healing at a much faster rate than previously. And this is using no acne specific products whatsoever, not even a spot treatment!

After Two Weeks of Using TULA Beauty Products

I’m honestly blown away by the TULA Beauty products I purchased. I’m one of those people who actually gets a little disappointed when a super hyped product lives up to they hype and I”m now two for two this year on products that actually live up to their hype (check out my non-sponsored review on the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer here). The TULA Beauty products I tried are definitely worth the hype that so many bloggers and Instagrammers have created.

After using these products for two weeks, my skin has completely changed. My redness is virtually nonexistent, I’m breaking out less often and my breakouts are less severe, even my hormonal breakouts are less severe than they have been the past nine months and are not lasting as long. My skin is soft and hydrated and there’s definitely more of a glow to it. I feel confident enough with my skin right now to not wear anything but a primer with sunscreen to leave the house when before I would at least need to use concealer to feel presentable.

From left to right: Before trying TULA Beauty products, after three days of use, after one week of use, and then after two weeks of use.

Will I repurchase TULA Beauty products?

I will be repurchasing each of these TULA Beauty products as well as trying out more from their skincare line. It has been so incredibly hard for me to find skincare products that actually work for my skin since it randomly freaked out a few years ago (hello, 25) and I’m excited to continue using these products as my hormones regulate after pregnancy to see if they have even more of an effect on my skin. I cannot recommend the TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream enough and I know that regardless of how I feel about the other two products I purchased moving forward that this will become my staple moisturizer in my skincare routine.

I’m looking forward to trying out more of the TULA Beauty products and specifically have my eyes on the Glow and Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm and the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment. If you’re looking to purchase TULA Beauty products for the first time, I highly suggest checking out one of the TULA Beauty Discovery Kits that way you can test the products and see if you like them before splurging on the full sizes (or you can go all in at Ulta like I did knowing that you can return them if you don’t like the products, bless up for that). TULA Beauty also offers returns and refunds on any of their products within 30 days of purchase which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Have you tried TULA Beauty products? If you have, let me know your favorite products below!