R. Riveter Handbags, #BagsOnAMission Brand Ambassador

When I first started dating Justin, I had a vague understanding of what my future would hold if we got serious, admittedly, most of which I had only seen through television. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what it’s like to be a military spouse or significant other. I’ve heard all of the horror stories about how terrible military spouses and significant others are to each other (I mean, have you watched Army Wives?), how difficult it is to find employment as a military spouse, stereotypes about how all I’ll end up doing is having kids, etc. You name a military spouse stereotype, someone has told me that’s what my life is going to amount to as Justin and I begin this next chapter of our lives. Heck, even the West Point Girlfriend’s Group has a bad reputation for being filled with catty, obnoxious women.

I know, the world isn’t perfect and every group has it’s bad seeds, but if you look past the stereotypes, you’ll find something truly amazing. I have always struggled with feeling like I belong. If you’ve read my 5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College, then you’ll know that one of those things is that I didn’t join a sorority. I’m not saying that being a military significant other is like being in a sorority but I do feel like I’ve finally found that sense of community I have always been looking for.

The first year Justin and I were together, I was having a hard time giving him ideas on what would make a good Christmas gift. When I finally found the perfect gift, it was from a company called R. Riveter and I immediately became obsessed with their brand and their mission of empowering military spouses. Each R. Riveter handbag is handmade in America by a military spouse, creating sustainable, mobile employment opportunities for military spouses in every facet of the company. I don’t even remember how I heard about R. Riveter, it must have been a post within the girlfriend’s group, but I found this adorable Limited Edition Patton crossbody made from a USMA Wool Blanket and just knew I had to have it. For those of you who don’t know, this gray and gold wool blanket is iconic at West Point because every cadet is issued one when he or she enters the academy and it is on their bed until graduation day.

Just as a cadet has this wool blanket every step of the way through their West Point journey, so too have I had this Patton bag.  From Army football games, to my first trip to Alaska, to Justin proposing in Central Park, this bag has been through it all with me. It sat by my sad as Justin donned his class ring and you can bet it will be there when he crosses the stage as well. This bag and the message behind R. Riveter is why I am so honored and #blessed to have been chosen as a #BagsOnAMission Brand Ambassador.

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I am so grateful to be apart of and to give back to the military spouse community that welcomed me with open arms by supporting a brand with a seriously killer mission. While I may receive R. Riveter products from time to time as part of their Ambassador program, I wanted to make it crystal clear that this is a brand I have loved and supported for years and will continue to support throughout our Army journey. If you want to connect with me and R. Riveter, make sure you’re following both of us on Instagram! I can’t wait to see where my part in this community takes me!

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I decided that I wanted to do a lot more memory keeping and journaling in my bullet journal (partially to fill it up faster because of my incessant need to buy notebooks) so I switched up my weekly spread this month to a one page in order to accommodate a journal page for pictures. So far I’m loving that I was able to resize all of the fun pictures from this past weekend’s football games. I can’t wait to fill up the next couple of months with all of our memories to look back on later.

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This Romper from Francesca’s

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Y’all, I hate rompers. I don’t feel like they ever look good on me. BUT I was desperately searching for the perfect game day outfit for WVU’s game on Sunday and I found this gem at Francesca’s ON SALE. Seriously, the earrings I got were more than the romper. Um, what? Not only was the romper super flattering on me but it was one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my body. You can bet I’ll be wearing this for more than just football. I already can’t wait to wear this for next year’s 4th of July when… JUSTIN AND I WILL BE MARRIED.

Vampire Diaries

I know that I’m WAY late on the bandwagon but once Vampire Diaries finally ended, I figured now was as good of a time as any to start watching it. I’m already on season 4 and you could pretty much say that I’m obsessed. I have to ask though, Team Damon or Team Stephen?