Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, April 2019

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April has been one whirlwind of a month so I’m going to keep the intro short but I’m excited to share nine of my favorite things with you guys! I’ve got a ton of random favorites rounded up for you guys including some baby favorites so if this is your first time here and that sounds like your cup of tea, keep on scrolling. If you’re a MIMJ regular and just love seeing all the random crap I bought in a month April’s list is definitely not going to disappoint you! Let’s get right on into the Random Sh*t I Love for April!

1. Becoming a Mom

My life changed in the most dramatic way possible this month when we welcomed the arrival of our first child. Jasper was born on April 11th and I’ve honestly been in pure newborn bliss since then. If you’ve been around before and seen my Redefined Motherhood posts, you’ll know I wasn’t sure how to feel about becoming a mom. April taught me that I’m apparently really good at being pregnant and having babies. Stepping into the role of a mom has honestly been one of the easiest transitions I’ve ever experienced and I can’t wait to share more about our new adventure soon!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, April 2019

2. TULA Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum

You guys know I have been raving about TULA products since I started using them back in March and I have yet another product (or two) to add to the list for this months favorites. The TULA Eye Renewal Serum is my postpartum holy grail product, I’m not even kidding. The cool tip and caffeine infused serum keeps my undereyes looking fresh and awake. I think we’re getting more sleep than most people with a newborn but I will take all the help I can get in the under eye department. This stuff just feels amazing, try it out and I promise you won’t regret it!

3. TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask

I warned you there was going to be another TULA product on this favorites list and I’m definitely #sorrynotsorry about it. I was looking for a good facemask to add to my skincare routine that was gentle but still got the job done, especially since I stopped using my facial brush from Clarisonic since it was ruining my skin. The Exfoliating Treatment Mask from TULA came highly recommended like all of their other products so I didn’t think twice about picking it up.I love how calming it instantly feels on my skin and the exfoliation is gentle enough while still being effective. I only leave this mask on for a short amount of time but my skin comes away feeling almost as smooth as my newborns!

4. WildBird Ring Slings

Even before getting pregnant, I was fascinated by the aesthetic appeal of the WildBird brand. I purchased my first sling around the time we found out that we were having a boy and I’ve since added two more to our flock. I love wearing him when we’re out and about especially since we’re no longer breastfeeding. It makes me still feel able to bond with him and a bonus perk is that he absolutely loves it. My husband is also a huge fan of babywearing and even has his own sling! I haven’t tried out any other brands but I don’t think I’ll be straying far from WildBird to try others out. We also have an Ergobaby carrier that we’re excited to use!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, April 2019

5. Target Espadrille Wedge

I saw these on a blogger’s Instagram try-on haul a while back and new I had to have them. I wanted something that was similar in style to my Marc Fisher wedges but would be a little more practical for wearing in casual settings with a baby. Not only do these wedges fit the bill but they’re also budget-friendly and extremely comfortable!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, April 2019

6. Universal Thread Girlfriend Jeans

I have been dying to wear normal jeans again pretty much since month three of pregnancy and the time has finally come! I wanted a pair of laid back jeans that I could wear casually and I love how comfy and easy these are to style! I had to size up two sizes to get them to fit the way that I wanted but they are so comfortable for everyday wear, even in the Georgia heat! I would have preferred the light wash color but my Target didn’t have them available in my size and I didn’t want to wait to wear non-maternity jeans any longer than I had to.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, April 2019

7. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Aside from our stroller, the Owlet is the most expensive item we splurged on for baby. My husband was actually the one who was the most adamant about purchasing this item, partially because he loves tech gadgets and partially because of the anxiety that comes with being first time parents. We’ve been using it for the past week and so far haven’t had any issues with false alarms or the sock hurting baby’s feet. We plan on adding the video monitor once we move and get the nursery set up.

8. SwaddleMe Original Swaddles

Nurses make swaddling babies look so easy and effortless but when my husband and I couldn’t quite get the hang of swaddling our squirmy babe with the hospital blankets, I was super thankful that we had received these swaddles as a gift from our registry. They’re three pieces that each velcro together to swaddle your baby and we love that the bottom is more of a pouch so Jasper is able to kick his legs to his little heart’s content. I’ve heard people complaining about the velcro waking up their babies but we don’t have a problem with that and our little one.

9. Fridababy Momwasher

If you’re expecting, listen up: buy this product right now and make sure it’s in your hospital bag! I purchased the Momwasher for use at home after delivery but my biggest regret about packing my hospital bag is not including it! The Momwasher angles up which is much more convenient for taking care of your lady bits after delivery. Using the peri bottle they gave me in the hospital was seriously frustrating because if it wasn’t filled up to a certain point, it wouldn’t spray.

what made your favorites list for april?