Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, August 2019

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Canon EOS M50

Canon M50

Obviously, since our camera was either lost or stolen in our move from Georgia to Alaska, I needed to get a new camera. I had some work to do and decided after researching that the Canon M50 was probably the best option. It's semi-affordable and I didn't really want to get another G7x because we don't vlog anymore. I'm so happy to report that I'm already so in love with this camera! I think it's the perfect solution for blog/Instagram photos and I've already found myself taking more and more pictures just to have an excuse to use it. I announced on Instagram that I'll be doing a 365-day photo challenge starting on September 1st so I'm excited to share more about the camera with you guys as well as take more photos. I've gotten a lot of questions about the camera itself so I also plan on doing a dedicated post to my thoughts on it in a few weeks!

Graco 4ever Carseat

Graco 4-Ever Car Seat

We finally upgraded Jasper to his "big boy" car seat. At 4 months old he was measuring 27 inches so I knew we would need to get it sooner rather than later and last weekend after my husband got back from his month away, we took the plunge. We didn't really do much research, we just knew that this seat was available at Costco, was a pretty good deal, and would last him indefinitely. After using it for almost a full week, I can tell you it was totally worth the money. The clips are way easier to adjust and unclip as opposed to his infant car seat and I can tell he's just all-around more comfortable.


I have been using Poshmark since 2013 (I actually wrote a blog post on it WAY back in the day on a blog that no longer exists) and have regularly used it to buy and sell stuff from my closet. But a few weeks ago I accidentally started a little side business thrifting and selling clothes online. It started when I found a pair of Rothy's at the on-post thrift store for $1.50. Yep, you read that correctly. I couldn't believe it so, despite being a size 11, I scooped them up. I ended up selling them on Poshmark for $80. After that, I was hooked. I've already made a second trip to the thrift store and added a few more listings so definitely check out my Poshmark closet if you're looking for some great deals!

TULA Beauty Primer After

TULA Beauty Primer

I mentioned this primer a while back in a Currently In My Shopping Cart post. I finally picked it up at the beginning of the month and can confirm that the primer is just as good as the rest of the TULA products I've been raving about since March. I'm including before and after photos because it's seriously that great! I use it every day after I finish up my skincare routine. The Tule Beauty Primer helps me feel put together without having to actually apply makeup because I don't have time for that these days. I also love that it's buildable. So I'll use one pump for days where I'm just running errands or don't have anything planned and two pumps on days I have photos to take and places I know I'm going out.

Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

I read a post the other day that said something about buying new jeans instead of worrying about fitting into the ones that you have. So I went and bought new jeans. I'll be stating a bit of a fitness journey here soon (more on that later, maybe) but I wanted a pair of jeans other than my Target Mom Jeans that I could wear now and still be comfortable and confident in. These Levi Boyfriend Jeans hit the mark. This is actually the first time I've ever owned a pair of jeans with holes in them (my parents wouldn't buy them for me growing up, who can relate?) and I love the casual vibe they add to my wardrobe. They're also ridiculously comfortable. The denim is totally soft and stretchy, perfect for playing with Jasper.

Made in Mom Jeans Office

The Made in Mom Jeans Office

When my husband is gone for a long period, I get the urge to rearrange furniture, hang stuff up around the house, etc. It gives me projects to work on to pass the time. Recently, I decided having an office space separate from where Jasper will be spending the majority of his wake time didn't make a whole lot of sense. So I decided to make myself a little office space next to what we're turning into his "playroom". This initially started because I needed a way to visualize my editorial calendar for the blog. I found these adorable chalkboard calendars at Walmart and I'm obsessed with them even though I'm usually not a fan of the whole chalkboard thing. This space is not finished or exactly how I want it by any means. I plan on replacing a lot over the next couple of months (I already sold the set the chair belongs to on FB marketplace so I guess I'll be starting with a chair...) but I've already seen my productivity levels increase and I just feel all-around more professional and organized. I'm excited to watch the full playroom/office space transform over the next few months!

Walmart Time and Tru Sweatshirt

$10 Walmart Sweatshirt

I have been wearing this sweatshirt NONSTOP since I found it on a random run to pick up diapers. We don't have a lot here in Fairbanks and I desperately miss my Target runs. But Walmart has been coming out with some really great pieces like this sweatshirt and the $8 thermals I've been rocking recently. I can't find the sweatshirt online but it's the Time and Tru brand. Next time you're at Walmart definitely see if you can snag one!

Chat soon, Darrian