Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, February 2019

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Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, February 2019

Another month has come and gone! We’re about to be on the third month of 2019. How crazy is that, you guys? Even crazier: we’re basically on baby watch because it’s getting closer and closer for our son to make his grand entrance into the world. Anyone want to start taking bets on whether or not he stays in there until April?

I was so happy you guys seemed to seriously LOVE ther Random Sh*t I Love post from January. I love creating the content that YOU LOVE so when we both love something it’s a win-win for everyone. I have some exciting favorites for the month of February so let’s just dive right on in to the list of Random Sh*t I Love for February 2019!

1. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

This hair dryer will change your life. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding so hard that I wrote an entire blog post about the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. So I’ll keep this section of Random Sh*t I Love short because you can read all about my thoughts in that post. Long story short, if you’re looking for a hair tool that will drastically reduce the time and energy you spend doing your hair, then you need to check out this hair dryer! It’s super hyped up for a reason, people.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, February 2019

2. iPhone Xs Max

I decided to upgrade my phone this month after selling my DSLR camera that I just wasn’t using enough. Let’s be honest, the quality of phone cameras recently has gotten scary good and with a baby coming I knew I would be snapping a ton of phone pictures anyways, so it was time. I was definitely skeptical about going for an iPhone X just because of the Face ID situation but honestly every fear I had about the phone was solved by a simple solution Apple came up with ahead of time. I love the edge to edge screen and the quality of the photos I can get with just my phone is amazing! Seriously, all of my Instagram photos lately have been totally phone camera shots as well as some of the photos for blog posts! Plus the battery life itself is amazing on this thing. I wanted to include this in February’s round-up in case you were on the fence about the iPhone X like I was!

3. Loopy Phone Cases

With a new phone comes a new phone case, naturally, and I was so excited when I found the Loopy phone cases! First, this color is called Jasper so how was I NOT going to get this case? Second, let’s talk about the loop for a second. I was a popsocket kind of gal until I heard about this loop. It’s insanely useful. No more dropping your phone on your face when you’re laying in bed at night, it makes it super easy to pick up/carry your phone when you have your hands full, etc. Did I mention that because of the amazing loop I don’t have to worry about dropping my phone on my newborn baby’s face? Yeah, that was a legit concern of mine. I’m so thankful to the gang at Loopy for sending me this case but TBH I was going to buy it either way. If you’re in the market for a new phone case, regardless of the type of phone you have, definitely check out the Loopy cases.

4. ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

A friend said to me recently, “I could buy a new bible every day and it wouldn’t change how much I open it.” I laughed but realized she was probably right. Did that keep me from purchasing a new bible anyways? Nope. I bought this one for a few reasons. The first being that it was obviously cute and matched my Instagram aesthetic. Not sorry. The second, and obviously the main reason I bought it, was because it had plenty of room for journaling and/or writing notes in the columns. I recently started my first real bible study and have been loving making notes in my bible itself rather than in a second notebook or the workbook they provided for the study. It’s helped me feel like I’m connecting more with my bible on a weekly basis (still not getting to the daily part yet but it’s something I’m working on). This bible in particular is great because so far, it’s held up to quite a few different pens and even my pathetic attempt at DIYing bible tabs.

5. Google Home Mini

So just before Valentine’s Day I saw that Target was having a deal on the Google Home Mini which basically made them two for $50. The real story behind why I chose to get my husband these little guys for Valentine’s Day has to do with the fact that he is always asking me “What’s in the news” as if I’m constantly sitting on my phone or laptop and looking at the news. Spoiler Alert: I’m not. So I wanted to get him something else he could bombard with his news related question. I actually had no idea whether or not he would even like them but it turns out that they were the perfect gift! We have been loving the news feature, being able to make a grocery list and have it sent straight to our phones, playing music throughout the house when we’re working on projects and so much more! Plus, the Google Home system is really the gift that keeps on giving because now anytime I need to get my husband a gift and can’t think of anything, I can just add something to our Google system. We’re already eyeing the lightbulbs which I think will come in super handy for baby boy’s arrival.

6. Hydro Flask with Straw Top

Let me preface this by saying that I am definitely NOT the type of person who will go and drop $50 on a freaking water bottle but when my favorite water bottle broke recently, I knew I needed one that was going to get me through the rest of this pregnancy and labor so I asked you guys what your favorites were. The Hydro Flask was the #1 choice for the MIMJ crowd, by far. I told my husband this would be a perfect gift for me for Valentine’s Day and it’s been attached at my hip ever since! I love how cold it keeps my drink. Seriously, I can fill it up at night before going to bed and still have cold water in the morning when I wake up! I got the 32 oz. with a straw top lid and it has definitely made drinking the recommended 96 oz. of water so much easier!


7. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

I’m usually not one to rant and rave about something like body wash but I’ve used this Aveeno Daily Moisture body wash pretty much the entirety of February and I love this stuff! I have seen a noticeable improvement in the softness of my skin and way less of an itchy belly (which is glorious if you’re pregnant). It doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and my husband also uses it which means we spend less money and save room in the shower, AKA a win-win for couples everywhere.

8. Laneige Water Sleep Mask

I’ve actually had this sleep mask for over a year now thanks to Influenster but just recently got back to using it. Y’all when you’re pregnant your skin situation changes almost daily so I feel like I’ve been constantly switching up my beauty products lately. Anyways, when I was in full on nesting mode and trying to go through all of our stuff and purging, I found this gem tucked away from the move. The smell is a little strong for my taste but I love the way this mask feels on my skin, especially right after a bubble bath. It has a cooling feel, the texture is super lightweight and not greasy like some sleep masks I’ve tried in the past, and my skin feels super refreshed in the mornings when I wake up. I’ve been using it regularly for about two weeks now and definitely think it’s made an improvement in my skin, especially the redness! It’s also only $23 for 70ml which is a lot of product and a little bit definitely goes a long way so this mask is sure to last you awhile.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, February 2019

9. Amazon Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse

This Amazon shirt has been all over my Instagram lately (here and here) and that’s because I’ve been wearing it pretty much nonstop since the mailman delivered it. I ordered a Medium because I knew it would fit me for the remainder of my pregnancy and also leave me with that baggy look that’s so in with these waffle knit tunic tops once the baby arrives. I will say that the quality is pretty good for a $20 shirt from Amazon and I was actually really surprised by how thick the shirt is! Definitely going to be too hot for me to wear home from the hospital in Georgia in April but it’s been perfect for the in between weather we’re having right now. If you’re living somewhere that’s still experiencing winter, this top is a great option for transitioning your wardrobe to spring and comes in SO MANY COLORS. The colors I chose are Army Green and Coffee!

10. Madewell Jacket

I was so excited when I found this Madewell Jacket for a total steal at Nordstrom Rack at the beginning of the month and it has quickly become a closet staple in my wardrobe since it’s arrival! I love that it has both a casual and put together vibe and instantly makes an outfit look complete when I throw it on. It’s heavy enough to keep up with the changing temperatures of Georgia and the random rains but not too heavy that I get super hot wearing it. It looks great over a pretty blouse or a graphic tee. The possibilities with this jacket are endless so if you’ve been Marie Kondoing your closet and are in need of some timeless staples, I highly suggest picking this up! At under $50, this jacket is less than half the price of similar styles currently being sold at Madewell!

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