Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, June 2019

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1. Wild Fable Mom Jeans

I have been wearing these jeans non-stop for two reasons. The first being that they are the BOMB.com and the second being that I’ve been living out of a suitcase for over a month. I picked up these Wild Fable mom jeans on one of our last trips to Target before leaving Georgia and they might seriously be the best jeans I’ve ever worn. They’re only $22 and have held up extremely well to traveling (I wore them on the entire trip to Alaska), baby messes (aka all of the spit up), washing and rewashing, and so much more. If there’s only one thing you ever buy on my recommendation, let it be these jeans. I swear you won’t regret it!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, June 2019

2. Skiphop Farmstand Play Mat

I was not prepared at all to not have our household goods come for over a month so I panic bought this mat off of Amazon for Jasper to play on. We needed one anyways but I absolutely love this farmstead theme one. It’s not as bright as some of the other playmate out there and I love that it has different features that I can add or take away as he grows so that he’s not overstimulated or getting bored with it. Another reason I love it is that it is super easily washable. I’ve thrown it in the washer a few times already and simply just let it air dry. So far we’ve had no issues with it holding up to baby and pet messes!

3. Fisher-Price Delux Bouncer

Another item that I panic purchased when we moved into our house and didn’t have anything. But I’m so glad that I did! This item has been so helpful when I just need a place for Jasper to hang out when I’m working or having coffee in the morning. It’s also come in handy when I have to tackle bath time by myself which is pretty much every night during the week.

4. Costco

When we got to Fairbanks I was so hyped for Costco. Going to Costco was actually one of the first outings we had after moving. We typically go once a week and I’ve found so many great things for the house as well as some favorite grocery items. We love just going to explore and check out what’s new. We’ve managed to score some pretty great deals on furniture for the house as well as curtains and rugs. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Costco membership I recommend walking through your local store to see what they have and what kind of deals you can get. I definitely regret not having one at other times in my life when I lived near them!

5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I was so on the fence about whether or not I wanted to try these out because I’ve seen them everywhere on social media but when I saw a 24 oz container at Costco I figured it would be worth the shot. I’m trying to stay ahead of things like postpartum hair loss and you know I’ve had so many issues with my skin so I figured they would be worth trying out! So far I’ve definitely seen a noticeable difference in my nails! My nails are so much stronger and you can visibly see the difference. I wish I had taken a before and after photo! I simply throw a scoop of the powder into a cup of morning coffee. So far that’s the best way I’ve found to incorporate it into my day.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, June 2019

6. Universal Thread T-shirts

Similar to the mom jeans, these are pretty much the only t-shirts I ended up packing. I purchased a few right after giving birth and I’m so glad that I did. I have a plain white one, a mustard yellow color, and a red and blue stripped one and I plan on picking up a few more colors at our next Target trip. I have two sizes, both small and medium and I really like the way they fit. I haven’t narrowed down which size is my favorite yet but both look great tucked into a pair of mom jeans or denim shorts. They’re a great basic and at only $8 you can’t beat the price! They’ve also held up really well in the laundry.

7. Madewell Small Transport Tote

I mentioned the larger version of this bag in last week’s Currently in My Shopping Cart post and then realized that I didn’t ever actually mention this bag since I didn’t get a May favorites up. I got this bag as a birthday gift from my mom back in April because I wanted something I could carry along with the diaper bag and not feel overwhelmed. I also got it monogrammed which is a first since getting married. I’m obsessed. This little bag is the perfect size for all of the necessities and it’s so easy to throw on and grab the baby when I need to run into a store quickly and don’t want to deal with dragging the diaper bag around. If you’re in the market for a high quality small bag, I highly recommend picking on of these cuties up.

8. Moms On Call

Before having Jasper, I saw a bunch of bloggers I follow talking bout Moms on Call and how much it worked for them. It’s basically a method of scheduling and what not that helps get your baby to sleep through the night. Anyways, when we got to Alaska Jasper and I had a pretty bad day where I got really flustered and I knew I needed to get him on some sort of schedule for my own sanity. I downloaded the app and it is the best $5 I’ve ever spent, seriously. He is thriving on the schedule and it makes long days at home alone with him so much easier to handle, especially during that first transition period after we moved here. We don’t always follow everything to the letter but I’m pleased to report that he has been sleeping through the night pretty much since we started the Moms on Call Method which has been amazing!

9. AquaBliss Shower Filter

I never knew I needed one of these until I had one. Even if you don’t live in Alaska (trust me, one of these is totally necessary for living here so make sure you bring one with you), I highly recommend this shower filter if you live somewhere where the water is hard or has a lot of chlorine in it. My skin and hair totally hated the water here and it’s high in iron so it instantly turned our shower curtain liner brown. That’s when I knew it was time to get a filter. This one was super easy to install, I was able to do it myself and it took a whole five minutes, if that.