Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

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Okay, but how is it ACTUALLY the last week of March? It’s the last Thursday in March, more specifically and if you’re a regular here then you already know it’s time for a monthly favorite roundup! I’m 38 weeks when this post is going up which means we are basically officially on baby watch for Baby Chamblee! I can’t believe how quickly 2019 is moving. I’m keeping good on my promise to get up one of these monthly favorites posts each month this year and honestly, I think this edition of Random Sh*t I Love might be the best one yet!

I’ve got a ton of random favorites rounded up for you guys (some of which are seriously random) so if this is your first time here and that sounds like your cup of tea, keep on scrolling. If you’re a MIMJ regular and just love seeing all the random crap I bought in a month March’s list is definitely not going to disappoint you! Let’s get right on into the Random Sh*t I Love for March!

1. Member’s Mark Makeup Removing Wipes

Anyone else feel like they’re constantly on the hunt for the perfect makeup removing wipes? I know I’ve definitely never had a true favorite that was my go-to over the years but Y'all, I think I’ve found the ones! As we prepare for baby to completely shake up our lives, I’ve been trying to stock up on the essentials we seem to always be running out of so when I saw these Member’s Mark Makeup Removing Wipes at Sam’s Club this month, I grabbed them without thinking much of it. But you guys, these are seriously the best makeup removing wipes I have ever tried! They are super soft and gentle on my skin which we all know can be a little troublesome from time to time. I love the texture of the wipes because it makes it really easy to really get your makeup off, even pesky mascara! When we move to Alaska we’ll be switching from a Sam’s Club membership to a Costco one so I hope the Costco brand is as good as these. I’ll definitely be stocking up before we leave Georgia this summer!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

2. TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream

Keeping with the skincare trend, the fact that the TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream is on this list should come as no surprise to you if you’ve been following me on Instagram or read last week’s post about my TULA Beauty experience. I would have put all of the TULA products I’ve been using on this list but since I wrote an entire post about them I figured I would just talk about the TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream because it is seriously my favorite favorite of the month! I have struggled for years to find a good moisturizer that perfectly works with my skin and Y'all, this is it. I’m never going back (RIP to my wallet). At $52 a pop, the price tag might scare most people away but trust me when I say it is 100% worth every penny. The TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream leaves my skin feeling super moisturized without getting oily which is something I’ve never been able to say about another moisturizer. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my skin and I’ve only been using these products for just over two weeks now. The TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream has definitely joined my list of beauty essentials.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019
Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

3. Universal Thread T-Shirt Dresses

Another item I’ve been raving about all month are these t-shirt dresses from the Universal Thread line at Target. I’ve talked about how much I love the Universal Thread line in the past and not being able to wear all of the cute pieces they come out with has honestly been one of the hardest parts of my pregnancy (bless up that pregnancy has been so easy for me that that is my only real complaint). I was browsing the racks at my local Target one day looking for a dress for our maternity photo shoot when I happened upon the holy grail of t-shirt dresses. Non-maternity yet still very bump-friendly, I have been practically living in these two Target dresses since purchasing them this month. I actually wore the blue one for my baby shower and even packed it in my hospital bag! If you’re looking for a great staple t-shirt dress to add to your wardrobe for spring and summer, definitely think about checking out one of these affordable options!

4. Wool Dryer Balls

If you’re thinking that this is a totally random thing to have on a favorites list, you’re not wrong. Since we’ve been switching over our laundry detergents to prepare for baby (and to see if it helps one of our dog’s allergy issues) I’ve been doing a lot of research about doing laundry. Did you know how many chemicals are in dryer sheets? I couldn’t find a great option to use for baby laundry so we decided using dryer balls would be the next best thing. I was able to grab a set of three of them at TJ Maxx for $7 and so far, we’ve been really liking them. Still trying to figure out how to get rid of static with them but other than that small set back, they really do their job well and I haven’t found myself missing dryer sheets at all!

5. Young Living Essential Oils in Lavender and Peppermint

Probably one of my other favorite favorites for the month of March is the two Young Living Essential Oils that I purchased. I have been researching and on the fence about buying these essential oils for about a year now because, let’s be honest, they’re not necessarily the cheapest things in the world, but I am officially a believer in how magical these products are! I purchased lavender and peppermint because I knew those were two oils that I would use regardless of if I ever purchased more or not and because I wanted to make a lavender roller for my hospital bag. But after using each of them nearly every day during March I know I will definitely be purchasing more Young Living products in the future.

Want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils? Let’s Chat!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

6. Amber Bottle Set from Amazon

To go with the oils that I bought, I was looking for an affordable option for making rollers for my hospital bag. I was searching on Amazon and just seeing a lot of sets with like 10 roller balls that I knew I didn’t need. I was thinking I would use one or two at most! So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this amber bottle set on Amazon for under $11. The set included three rollers, two small spray bottles, and two large spray bottles plus a few accessories. I’ve already used two of the rollers as well as one of the smaller spray bottles for my hospital bag!

7. Instant Pot

We got an Instant Pot as a wedding gift and honestly, didn’t really use it much until recently. I was having a hard time finding recipes to try. But a little digging on Pinterest and we’ve used the Instant Pot more this month than we have since we got it for our wedding last year! I love how easy it is to make an entire meal in just one go and it’s been great for those nights where neither my husband nor I really feel like cooking. I share all of the recipes we’re loving in my monthly newsletter so definitely consider subscribing if that’s something you’re interested in!

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

8. Invisibobble Slim Hair Ties

I totally impulse bought a package of these hair ties in the checkout lane at Ulta and I have zero regrets. I have super thick hair and most of the time it’s hard to keep it all in a hair tie and when I can, it tends to give me a major headache if I’m wearing my hair up for too long. Not to mention the crimping looking that comes when you wear your hair up. I’m a firm believer in the “wash your hair once or twice a week” life so ponytail crimps in your hair is not a good look when you’re constantly trying to restyle your hair throughout the week. These hair ties immediately eliminate that issue and they don’t pull my hair which means no headaches when I wear my hair up! These are also great for all my curly and wavy girls who like to let their curls dry in a bun after the shower.

Random Sh*t I Love - Monthly Favorites, March 2019

9. Artifact Uprising Baby Book

I saw a YouTuber I follow get this baby book from Artifact Uprising when she was expecting and I fell in love with it. I honestly just threw it on our registry as a “nice to get” gift, not expecting anyone to actually fork over the money for the somewhat hefty price tag but (shocker) my mom purchased it for my baby shower! I sat down a few days ago just to look through it and I’m honestly blown away by the level of detail and quality that went into this product. It has so many special places to capture memories of babies first year and comes with a pretty pen, adhesive for photos, and a voucher for 25 free photo prints for use in the baby book. I can’t wait to actually sit down and start filling out Jasper’s baby book with pictures and so many memories! This is the first product from Artifact Uprising that I’ve actually received in person so I have no hesitations now about ordering our wedding album from them as well as any future photo gifts we might need.

What made your favorites list for March?

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