AM Coffee Talk #02 - Hearth and Hand, GymShark, + Buying Views

Another week has flown by and I find myself asking "HOW" all too often now. I'm grateful that the countdowns in my phone are getting smaller and smaller but at the same time, I want to soak up an enjoy each and every moment.  I know this is only my second Saturday Morning Coffee post but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things that I do for the blog. I love sharing insights to my week with you guys and having the ability to reflect on them myself. Please don't be shy and let me know what you think in the comments! I love hearing from you all and would love to chat about your week as well. I do my best to reply to all comments so type away!

Fall has seemingly collapsed into winter this week and I'm not sure if that has something to do with the fact that I've had this itch to make the apartment feel a little more cozy and homey or what this week. I was shocked when I took the dogs out this morning to see bare trees and a temperature that's well below freezing (22 degrees, burrr). Anyways, I pretty much went to town decorating the living room this week which has me super excited to put a Christmas tree up this year. 

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ONE || Hearth and Hand with Magnolia at Target

This week, the collaboration of the century launched and Chip and Johanna Gaines's line for Target officially hit stores. I love that they decided to do this recurring line that will update with the seasons, meaning you can let your inner Johanna out all year round. The Christmas decor is absolutely adorable but what caught my eye the most was this set of Galvanized Metal and Wood wall shelves. The shelves, which I purchased on a total whim, inspired this entire gallery wall that Justin and I put together Thursday night. I got the canvases done at Wallgreen's and I am so pleased with the quality! I also bought a Hearth and Hand candle which is great because it's slow burning but has a good throw for the scent. I'll definitely be picking up a few more candles and probably stocking up on Holiday decor from this collection over the next few months. I can't wait to see what else they come out with!

TWO || Buying Views and Likes

I have watched Shane Dawson since he started making videos and I still love him to this day. If you haven't watched one of his videos before, what are you doing with your life? Anyways, as a social media influencer, I found a video he did on Buying Views and Likes super interesting. We unfortunately live in a world where people don't want to put in the time and effort to grow their platforms organically and instead, buy likes and followers. Shane basically buys followers for a few of his family members and friends as a joke but it gives the rest of us insight into what buying likes and views actually means. 

THREE || Taylor Swift's Reputation

My queen has officially launched her newest album and I am LIVING for it. Every song on that album is a total jam and I haven't stopped listening to it since I woke up yesterday morning (which is saying a lot since I really only listen to podcasts when I'm driving). I love that she kept the 1989 vibes which is hands down my favorite album of hers but put a new spin on it. So far the tracks I'm loving are So It Goes and Getaway Car. 

FOUR || Army Football

I'm writing this post up really quick before heading to West Point for today's Army football game versus Duke. Today's game is the last home game of the season and if they win today, they will have gone the entire season undefeated at home. Last week's huge shutout over Air Force was incredible and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Army/Navy. Today is a little bittersweet for me though because it marks our last Army home game for the foreseeable future. I started working at West Point three years ago next month and have either worked or attended every home game since then. This is also Justin's last home football game as a cadet. Make sure you're following me on Instagram to check out my Insta stories from the game!

FIVE || GymShark

I finally bit the bullet and got my hands on a GymShark set. I purchased a Flex set with the leggings, shorts, and sports bra. I just got it this week and I'm already obsessed with it. Look for a complete review of GymShark next week!