AM Coffee Talk #10 - The Greatest Showman, YouTube, + The Government Shutdown

I actually can't believe I've written ten of these Saturday Morning Coffee posts already. Usually, when I say I'm going to do something like this, I drop the ball somewhere along the line. If you're an OG blog reader then you know what I'm talking about (i.e. Happy Hour). Anyways, these casual posts are actually pretty popular so as long as Y'all keep reading, I'm gonna keep doing them! I'm also going to keep adding stuff to them. Last week I added in the blog posts I was loving so let me know if there are other things you want to see. Maybe stuff on my wishlist for the week? Random things that happened? The possibilities are endless!

This week was kind of an off week for me, anyone else? I felt like I couldn't get into a routine, everything I tried to write out for next week was crap, there was another snowstorm, oh and now that government has decided to shut down. As you can imagine, lots of drama this week which left me feeling stressed to the max. I spent my Friday night in bed with a couple glasses of wine and my book. 

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ONE || My Bridal Shower Weekend

Do you ever just feel so #Blessed that you want to cry? That's how my bridal shower weekend made me feel. The outpouring of love for Justin and me was just so overwhelming. I really just have to remember to stop and thank God sometimes for the people in my life. I got to eat great food, fell deeper in love with my fiance, celebrate with friends and family, and start painting a picture of what our first home is going to look like. You can read the full recap of my bridal shower here

TWO || The Greatest Showman

Justin and I FINALLY got to see The Greatest Showman on Monday. First, a little background: I have been trying to get Justin to go with me to see this movie since it opened and Sunday when we were on our way back from West Virginia, we stopped for dinner about 20 minutes from the apartment and decided to see it! BUT when we got to the theatre it was SOLD OUT. I couldn't believe that so many movies were sold out on a Sunday night. Anyways, we decided to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which was great but I was really bummed about not seeing The Greatest Showman. So we finally went to the little dingy movie theatre in my town that's kind of gross but also super cheap. ANYWAYS, The Greatest Showman was amazing and the soundtrack is gold. I've been blaring it in my car nonstop since seeing the movie. 

THREE || YouTube

I usually only stick to things that I'm loving but this is something that happened this week that's not so great. YouTube has decided to demonetize all channels who don't have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. WTH? I was SO mad by this. Making video content is something that I really enjoy doing but it's hard and takes a lot of time and effort to plan and execute. So if I didn't have the motivation to do it then I definitely don't have it now. This is so frustrating because YouTube has been known for giving people like the Paul brothers, who are despicable humans, favoritism on the platform. It was already hard enough to grow on YouTube. Anyways, if you want me to keep making videos you can follow my main channel here!

FOUR || The Government Shutdown

Keeping with the not so great things happening this week, the government shut down after the Senate couldn't get enough votes to pass the continuing resolution. This means the government is out of money right now. That also means that Monday I get to report to work for 4 hours maximum so that they can tell me that I'm not to come to work until further notice... oh yeah, and not get paid. You can imagine how stressed this makes someone who's 4 months out from their wedding day... I will say, some of the issues, like DACA, are important to me so I'm not really complaining about having a few days off of work. 

FIVE || My Wedding Dress

Rounding out the top five with something fantastic, obviously, is my wedding dress. I got to try it on (the actual dress I will be wearing, not some sample) this past weekend and Y'all I am obsessed! If you didn't catch all the drama on why I bought a second wedding dress then you won't understand how relieved I was to see the dress and still be as in love with it as when I put it on. I haven't been able to stop looking at the pictures.

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