AM Coffee Talk #11 - The Future of My YouTube Channel + The New Instagram Algorithm

I'm sorry if this post is coming to ya a little late this Saturday. Justin and I had an early morning wake up for a brunch date but before that, I had spent 20 minutes yelling at Squarespace instead of writing this post. Oops. (Also, now my laptop is dying...) I don't know why but last week's edition of Saturday Morning Coffee got a crazy number of views. I talked about things like The Greatest Showman, The Government Shut Down, and YouTube's big announcement, all of which kind of are still relevant this week.

Anyways, this week was definitely still an odd week for me. I'm not sure if it's the winter blues that have me right in their clutches or just the fact that I haven't had a normal work week since before the holidays but I have just been feeling OFF this week. One, it felt like it took absolutely forever to end. Two, the government shut down meant I didn't get hardly any actual work done this week. Three, I missed a meeting with the florist for our wedding. Geez, it sounds like all I'm doing is complaining but I want y'all to know that if you're feeling this way too, that you're not alone!

Saturday Morning Coffee #11 - The Future of My YouTube Channel + The New Instagram Algorithm

ONE || The Future of My YouTube Channel

Last week I mentioned the changes YouTube announced that basically crushed any small YouTubers dreams. This week I decided that I was looking at the situation all wrong after getting a ton of sweet messages about how Y'all love the video content I create. So, from now on I will be officially posting a new YouTube video (almost) every Sunday. I already have a list of videos to make, including a monthly favorites video which I'll be hitting ya with next week. Let me know if you have any suggestions and make sure you're subscribed here!

TWO || The New Instagram Algorithm

Y'all, Instagram is KILLING ME. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic but I have been working SO hard on growing my Instagram and was doing really well until the last week or so when Instagram's new algorithm apparently went into effect. I could cry because of how much my engagement has tanked in the last week. If you're riding the Instagram struggle bus like I am, then check out this amazing post that one of my dear friends sent me about how to combat the changes. 

THREE || Fiddlestix Cafe in Cornwall, New York

Justin and I ate breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants this morning, called Fiddlestix and I'm currently writing this post while trying to fight off a food coma. If you're in the West Point area or even just looking for a great place to adventure too from NYC or any other part of NY, I definitely suggest stopping by Fiddlestix. The recipes they come up with for their specials never disappoint. Each time we go I find myself asking why we don't go more often!

FOUR || A New Day from Target

Y'all, it's no secret that I love love love Target. But lately, it's been blowing me away how great their clothing options are! I'm working on a wardrobe overhaul post coming up later this week and I kid you not, most of my new stuff has come from Target. I've been sharing my finds over on my InstaStories but let me know if you want to see a full video haul or blog post about my recent finds! 

FIVE || My First Furlough

My first government shut down was actually kind of hilarious. I had to show up for work for a few hours to sign a letter and then got the day off. The shutdown was resolved the next day but I had a little too much fun coming up with a bucket list of things to do during the shutdown. 

Blog Posts I Loved this Week: 

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