AM Coffee Talk #12- The Super Bowl, My Testimony, + Starting a Prayer Journal

Can you believe this is the 12th edition of Saturday Morning Coffee? I think we can officially start referring to it as SMC and I'm excited for that because this is the most regular I've ever been with a series. *Shrugs* I am so thankful that it is finally Saturday. This past week was LONG. I mean I didn't think it was ever going to end. 

I've been struggling with my anxiety a lot this week but I've also been blessed in many ways. It's been one of those weird weeks where nothing has been bad it just has been a mix of day-to-day things both good and off. Mostly off because of my anxiety. Anyways, I want food so I'm gonna keep this intro real short for Y'all! 

BUT real quick, next week I'm going to be sharing some exciting news because Post Night is almost here so make sure you're following me on Instagram for the more day-to-day highs and lows and stay tuned to the YouTube channel because I'll be vlogging all week! 

Now let's get right into this week's 5!

Saturday Morning Coffee #12- The Super Bowl, My Testimony, + Starting a Prayer Journal

ONE | Starting a Prayer Journal

This week, like literally the last day of January, I decided I was going to start a prayer journal. A prayer journal is not something I've ever done before and to be honest, I'm kind of bad at praying.  I have been super anxious lately (which is a theme of this edition of SMC apparently) so I knew I needed to do SOMETHING else to help. Turning to prayer and specifically, a prayer journal, was the best thing I could have ever done. If you want to see more about my prayer journal or have a prayer request, please let me know! 

TWO | Post Night is Coming

#NotReady. USMA Post Night is where the cadets get to pick their first duty station. It's kind of a big deal because this is where Justin and I will be heading once he's done with training. Oh, and we'll be there for at least two years. I was freaking out and then found peace and then started freaking out again because of the uncertainty of it all. Post Night is basically something that is completely out of our control (he'll literally get to pick from what's left on a list when it's his turn) so it's caused a lot of sleepless nights and anxiety attacks this week. 

THREE | My Testimony Video

Y'all, I finally did it! So many of you asked after my Instagram Story facts and my 10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell You post for me to share more of my redemption story and testimony and I finally got the courage to do it! PS: I'll be posting a new video every Sunday from now on including a "week in my life" vlog every month so make sure to subscribe

FOUR | Talkspace

Speaking of anxiety, I've started going to therapy again. But this time I'm not doing traditional therapy. Mostly because physically going to places like doctor's offices gives me anxiety... Anyways, I've been using Talkspace since December and I absolutely love it! Talkspace is online therapy but it's completely legit! You're matched with a licensed therapist in your area and you basically have access to them 24/7. Plus, it's affordable too!

FIVE | Super Bowl Plans

Everyone is super pumped for the Super Bowl. I'm more excited for food. I also don't have cable so I don't know that Justin and I will actually be watching the Super Bowl. We've got salsa and skillet chili on our menu and we're literally heading out the door after I type this to load up on groceries. 

Blog Posts I Loved this Week:

6 Honest Tips for Surviving a PCS (with Post night literally just around the corner, I've got PCSing on the brain).

Instant Friendship: A Gift from Military Life (This post was so #relateable as a soon-to-be milspouse).

My Dry January Results (as I mentioned in this post, I've struggled with alcohol addiction and would love to give a dry month a try)!

Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh (I grew up 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and didn't visit it enough, looking to plan a trip there asap).

My Toxic Relationship (so much bravery in this post. I promise I'll be sharing my emotional abuse story soon). 

PS: I'm going to be doing a Wedding themed version of #AskDar this month so if you've got a wedding related question (about my wedding or just wedding planning in general) head on over to this handy-dandy form and ask your girl a question! It might get answered in the #AskDar Wedding Edition post! If you're thinking, "But what if I have a q that's not wedding related?" fear not! You can use that form to ask me anything ya want! It might get answered in another upcoming #AskDar post (I try to do them at least once a month).