AM Coffee Talk #13 -USMA Post Night 2018, January Favorites + How To Be an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador!

Y'all, what a crazy week this has been! Highs and Lows and everything in between. I kicked my bed and had to go to the Urgent Care for an ungodly amount of time (just a really bad bruise and sprain though), we finally know what our first duty station will be, there was another snow storm, etc. This past week was all over the place! 

Weeks like this really make you realize how quickly time goes by. On Monday, I felt as though the week was never going to end. After Wednesday, it flew by in the blink of an eye! So fast that I didn't really even get much vlog footage for Thursday and Friday (which is fine because Sunday's Week in My Life vlog is already almost 30 minutes long just Sunday-Tuesday... PS: subscribe here if you haven't). Last week I shared my January Favorites, featured my new intro, and got to test out my new mic so big things are happening on YouTube! 

Anyways, I was so excited to sit down and share Saturday Morning Coffee #13 with you guys today because SO much happened. Let's get into it!

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ONE | Post Night

Holy crap, Y'all. USMA 2018 Post Night was a whirlwind of emotions for me. The picture in today's post is actually from that day and I think you can see the anxiety written all over my face. I am so excited to announce (if you didn't see it on Instagram or Facebook) that we will be heading on the wildest adventure.... to ALASKA! I could not be more thrilled to start the next leg of our journey in 2019 by moving all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska. We are so excited to be near Justin's family and to potentially be there as we start a family. God is so good, Y'all. I did a weekly vlog so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel to see all of the excitement of Post Night on Sunday! If you want to see a write up for a full recap of Post Night from both Justin and me, let me know! I was thinking about doing this yesterday but wasn't sure if it was something you would enjoy! 

TWO | R. Riveter Brand Ambassador 2.0

Y'all know I LOVE being an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador and I'm excited to announce that now you can be one too! All you have to do is apply and tell R. Riveter why you want to be in the next generation of R. Riveter Brand Ambassadors! If you want to learn more about this amazing company, I highly recommend checking out this video! It is such an honor to be involved with this amazing company who is supporting Military Spouses and I'm so blessed to continue working with them. Read more about R. Riveter here. 

THREE | Universal Thread at Target

If you caught Friday's blog post then this will come as no surprise to you. I have been absolutely in love with Target's new line, Universal Thread since it launched and this week I finally got all of the pieces I ordered! I have to take back and exchange a few things but the quality and fit of these jeans are so amazing. You can read more about my thoughts and see what I ordered here!

FOUR | The Gender Game

Remember when I said that I was only going to read books I owned this year? I may have broken that... This week I realized that I had been paying for an Audible subscription and not using it. Meaning I had 5 credits just waiting to be used. I usually listen to Podcasts on my way to work but I've been feeling a little bored with them and figured I should use those credits before canceling my subscription. Anyways, I begrudgingly used a credit on The Gender Game by Bella Forrest and I'm undecided on how I feel yet. I'm 13 chapters in and I have a feeling that the only reason I'm still "reading" it is because of the audiobook format. 

FIVE | Mid-Day Baths

On Wednesday while I was anxiously awaiting Post Night to start, I calmed myself down by taking a bath in the middle of the day with only a candle to light my bathroom. It was absolutely amazing and completely changed my mindset for the day. I highly recommend trying it. Thanks to my Talkspace therapist for giving me a whole list of self-care to practice.

Blog Posts I Loved This Week:

Here's What Happened When I Let Instagram Pick My Fashion Week Outfit - I love this idea of letting Instagram choose an outfit!

What to Wear for Valentine's Day When Red's Not Your Color - I personally love red but this black jumpsuit takes date night to a whole new level!

My Cleaning Routine with a Newborn - Kayla is one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I've loved watching her become a mom (she's definitely kicking butt at it)!

The Best Tips on Building Confidence - Building confidence is something that I am constantly working on. I love these tips from Bianca!

Being Single Doesn't Have to Suck - For all my single gals out there, great inspirational post!

Sunday's YouTube Video - January Favorites

PS: I'm going to be doing a Wedding themed version of #AskDar this month so if you've got a wedding related question (about my wedding or just wedding planning in general) head on over to this handy-dandy form and ask your girl a question! It might get answered in the #AskDar Wedding Edition post! If you're thinking, "But what if I have a q that's not wedding related?" fear not! You can use that form to ask me anything ya want! It might get answered in another upcoming #AskDar post (I try to do them at least once a month).