AM Coffee Talk #16 - I Tried HelloFresh, LDR Relationship Tips, and More!

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Morning Coffee! I can't believe this is #16. Do I say this every post? I feel like I do. Writing intro's for these is weird if we're being honest. Actually, if we're really being honest I'm terrible at intros pretty much all the time... 

Anyways, this week saw a lot of me binge-watching Netflix thanks to Winter Strom Quinn. Quinn managed to dump at least two feet of snow where I live. I like short work weeks like this because work can be seriously so boring sometimes but it also makes me even more acutely aware of how fast these last three months are going. 

Next weekend I'll be in Nashville for my freaking Bachelorette party. Um, what? I feel like just yesterday we started tossing around ideas for it and now it's finally here! I can't wait to share all of my Nashville content with you guys but until then, we've got tons of blogs and YouTube videos to get to, a little bit about trying HelloFresh, and much, much more! Let's dive in!


ONE | HelloFresh

Guys, I finally caved and placed my first order from HelloFresh! HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service and you can get three meals for 2 people (or 4) sent right to your door! The best part is that they include everything, literally everything, you need to make each meal. For example, we made Tacos on Friday night and it even came with little packs of sour cream! AND if you sign up by clicking this link you'll actually get $40 off of your first order which means you can try HelloFresh for literally $20! If you're like me, cooking for one person during the week is torture. I waste more money buying groceries I don't use than I do eating out every day for lunch. That's why I'm so glad I tried out HelloFresh because it's going to seriously change my lifestyle. Try it out, you won't regret it!

TWO | Spousehood

Spousehood is a blog that I recently stumbled upon thanks to Pinterest and I just knew that I had to share it with Y'all. Spousehood is a faith-based blog for military spouses. Military life is crazy and sometimes it can drive us further from God than closer to him. They even have a Deployment Devotionals email subscription you can get access to for free! If you're looking for devotionals that deal with military life or just good, faith-based content that's military-themed, definitely check them out!

THREE | Tips to Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Taylor Nichole has been blowing up on YouTube recently and I'm so glad because she's a total gem. When I saw that she posted this video in the past week, I knew I had to share it with you guys. The number one question I get asked is usually how to survive a long distance relationship and TBH, the reason why I haven't written a post on that yet is that I wouldn't feel authentic writing it. Justin and I technically aren't long distance. Sure, only seeing him on the weekends kind of makes it a pseudo-long distance relationship but still. Anyways, check out this video and the collab she did with Lauren as well! 

FOUR | Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Last weekend, Justin and I decided to do a Harry Potter movie marathon and we made it through 6 movies in less than 24 hours. We're finishing our marathon up this weekend with the last two movies and I've already cried three times. #SorryNotSorry. Also, make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on the post notifications so you don't miss tomorrow's Harry Potter themed video! (PS: I post a new video every Sunday and 10 am).

FIVE | CoolQueenCollective on Etsy

Fun fact: I love pins. I have never considered myself a collector but they're definitely something I've been getting back into recently. I ordered the most adorable pin about a week ago from this little Etsy shop and it was too adorable not to share. 

Blog Posts I Loved This Week:

Battling the Copying Game - I hate to say it, but this is a huge problem in the blogging community. I loved this post about ways to check yourself. 

The Fandom University - This is an entire blog but if you're looking for more fandom related content, Shannon's got it!

Nashville Travel Guide - Y'all, I'm going to Nashville NEXT WEEKEND! I am so excited I could die. But I won't because there is plenty of hot chicken to be had. Plus, Tiffany and I will be doing a collab soon so go check her out!

5 Ways I Deal with the Distance in an LDR - My sweet friend launched her blog this week and one of her very first posts is so #relateable. 

A Lesson in [Spring] Layering - I love this simple idea of busting out your spring dresses a little early by throwing a turtleneck underneath!

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