AM Coffee Talk #03 - Taylor Swift, My New Wallet, + More!

Y'all I have been sick all week. Not exaggerating. Just when I feel like I'm finally getting over this icky cold it lays me back out on the couch, full force. Yuck. Don't you just hate it when you aren't sick enough to go to the doctor?  Anyways, it's my favorite post of the week where I just get to sit down with a steaming hot cup of coffee (actually on my second, TBH) and chat with you guys about what I'm loving this week.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is coming up SUPER fast? Justin and I will be heading out on Wednesday afternoon and I'm kind of excited/already exhausted just thinking about the 8 hour drive. If you have any good audiobook or True Crime podcasts (here are a few of my faves if you're curious) that Justin and I can binge listen to on the way there, let a girl know!

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ONE || Black Faux Leather Jacket

I purchased this faux leather jacket from Forever 21 when I was in college and typically wear it for special occasions or a night out. But recently I have been throwing this baby over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I can think of. From this Army t-shirt when we were watching the Army vs. Air Force football game to over a tunic sweater for date night on Friday with Justin, I've become obsessed with it! I'm pretty sure I got this from Forever 21 for a steal of deal on Black Friday back when I worked there but here's a similar one that's still a great price. These faux leather jackets are the perfect closet staple for Fall and can easily transition for all seasons. 

TWO || Taylor Swift Reputation

Y'ALL. This album is so so so so so so good. That's why I'm including it AGAIN. I have been listening to it on REPEAT all week and I just can't get enough. I've always been a huge Taylor Swift fan but Reputation has taken my love of her music to an entirely new level. Every song on this album is seriously a jam. New Year's Day is probably my favorite song right now but I'm also loving Don't Blame Me and Dress. Also, can we talk about how cool these Reputation magazines are?

THREE || R. Riveter Brown Leather Wallet

I purchased this wallet a few weeks ago and I have to say it is amazing. Not only is the quality of the leather incredible but I also love the external ID slot. I also love that this wallet is is slim. Anyone else hate bulky wallets? 

FOUR || Vicks Vapor Rub Lavender Scent

I've always been a fan of Vicks Vapor Rub but when I went to the store this week to stock up on cold meds I found this lavender scented one and it has changed my life. I'm a fan of lavender scented anything so, obviously this is amazing. I've been slathering it on my chest and around my nose all week. 

FIVE || Nintedo Switch

Justin and I were having a hard time coming up with Christmas gift ideas for each other so we decided to go halfsies on a Nintendo Switch. We just picked it up last night to avoid the Black Friday rush to get them. I started playing around with it a bit already and it's safe to say that I'm obsessed. We picked up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 to get us started. If you have any favorite games for the Switch let us know!