AM Coffee Talk #22 - Getting Our Marriage License, Vlogging Again, and More!

Saturday Morning Coffee #22 is coming at you right now! How seriously exciting is it that this is the 22nd SMC post? I feel like I get excited about each one of these but what can I say, they're my favorite posts of the week! I can't believe it is May 12th already. Today marks exactly two weeks until Justin graduates from West Point and also just over two weeks until our wedding day! We have been crazy busy with both graduation and wedding related things the last few weeks and even the moving process has been ramped up with the second week of May coming to a close.

This last week was definitely one of those weeks where I could tell that the last few days of our time here were winding down because everything that could go wrong, pretty much did. I got a parking ticket and spilled coffee all over myself at least twice (and again just as I was writing this), just to name a few things that happened this week. 

Now grab your hot beverage of choice and pull up a seat because here's SMC #22!


ONE || We got our marriage license!

Getting your marriage license was probably the least stressful thing involving the government that I've ever done. You walk in to the clerk's office expecting it to be like the DMV but it's definitely not, at least where we went. The form to fill out had a few questions we were like "um, what?" about but the lady who was helping us was really nice. It did cost $40 and then $10 per copy we wanted which I thought was a little ridiculous though so just bear that in mind if you're a bride to be!

TWO | We're vlogging again! 

A few weeks ago I hopped on Instastories and ran a poll asking if y'all wanted to see 4 blog posts a week or if you'd rather see 3 blog posts a week and then a vlog. Overwhelmingly, y'all voted for vlogs which I was super shocked by. I didn't realize how many of you actually love watching our vlogs! So I picked up the camera again and starting on Monday there will be at least one vlog posted each week over on our vlog channel! If you're not subscribed, make sure you go ahead and do that now. You can also hit the little bell next to the subscribe button to make sure YouTube actually lets you know when we upload. But don't worry! I'll also be posting each vlog as a blog post on here with a short description to avoid the mishaps that YouTube can sometimes have with notifications. I'm seriously so excited to be vlogging again!

THREE | Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

I have been absolutely RAVING about Juice Beauty since I picked this clearing serum up on a whim over my birthday weekend. Actually, I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in the last SMC post as well... but I don't even care because this serum is THAT GOOD. I don't try to hide the fact that my skin is definitely not the greatest. I have acne prone skin and a lot of redness on my cheeks because of the acne. But this Juice Beauty serum is the one thing I've found that has actually drastically changed the look of my skin in just a few uses! I saw results almost immediately and now that I've been using it religiously for a few weeks, there is a definite improvement in my skin.

FOUR | Reader Recommendations

If you caught Friday's blog post all about the best places to find farmhouse inspiration on Instagram then you know that I took all of the recommendations I received from my Instagram story responses and compiled them into one blog post for everyone to see! I absolutely loved doing this and I hope you enjoyed it too. I've always said that I want this blog to be more of a community so I love that sharing your recommendations with the world is a great way to do that! Definitely let me know if that is something you'd like to continue to see more of in the future because I'm always asking questions on Instagram! 

FIVE | Feedburner's Top 25 Millennial Blogs to Follow in 2018

If you didn't see, I was named #2 on the list of Top 25 Millennial Blogs to Follow in 2018 by Feedburner. I couldn't believe I was on the list at all, let alone #2, because the list is filled with some other pretty amazing content creators that I have admired for years! This came at a moment when I was kind of doubting whether or not this was something I should keep doing and I'm seriously so amazed by how far this little blog has come in under a year. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for supporting my blog. 

PS: I'm including a subscription form for our email newsletter because, trust me, you're going to want to be on this VIP list for the rebrand! I'll be sending out the first exciting update Sunday night at 8pm EST so make sure to subscribe if you wanna be in the know! 

PPS: I'm planning another round of #AskDar so make sure to submit any questions you have a chance to get them answered! I'll be doing this one vlog style so stay tuned for that! I can't wait to see what kind of questions Y'all come up with! 

Until next time, Y'all