AM Coffee Talk #23 - Royal Wedding Edition

It's Saturday, May 19th and you know what that means! The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was this morning! I actually didn't think I would be able to watch it. That's the one thing no one ever tells you about becoming a cable cutter... it makes watching live events challenging. I actually didn't get to watch any of the 2018 Winter Olympics this year because I didn't have cable. Bummer, right? 

But thank goodness The Royal Family has their own verified YouTube channel. Did anyone else know that? Me either. So I was able to livestream the royal wedding this morning without even really meaning to! I got on YouTube to watch something else and realized I could watch the royal wedding. Definitely the highlight of this rainy Saturday so far. 

Saturday Morning Coffee #23 - Royal Wedding Edition

I'm basically just using today's SMC to talk about the Royal Wedding so if you're not into that kind of thing or didn't watch it, you might want to click away. I remember watching the last Royal Wedding when William and Kate got married and being over the moon obsessed with Kate. What am I saying, I still am. She absolutely slew today like she always does. Seriously, my one fashion goal in life is to look half as good as Kate does every day. 

Meghan's dress was absolutely stunning and timeless. I think it says something about her that she picked something so elegantly flawless. Matched with the veil she chose, it was just the right amount of detail. Harry looked handsome, as always, and I love that he didn't try to hide his personality just because it was his wedding day. He apparently said "I'm so lucky" at the altar and just like, kill me now, because how cute.

I absolutely LOVED the sermon. It dang near had me to tears (actually, I was already tearing up by that point) but still. The message of how we can use love to change the world was something that really resonated with me and is a lesson I think we should all take to heart and work to live by every single day. I might actually write an entire blog post about how good that sermon was. 

Also, the choir was AMAZING and they seriously looked so fabulous. I wanted every single one of the women's outfits and the colors were just so fresh and spring-like. Obsessed. 

Speaking of fashion, can we talk about hats? My second fashion goal in life is to go to an event that requires me to wear a hat. They just look so fun and chic! I also peeped Elton John, George Clooney, Oprah and Abigail Spencer just to name a few people. I also saw a picture of Troian Bellisario slaying as well. 

What was your favorite part of the Royal Wedding?

Until next time, Y'all