AM Coffee Talk #26 - Who I'm Routing for in the World Cup, IGTV + The First SMC Link Up!

Wow, guys. This is the first SMC post straight from our new home in Georgia! I hope you all had a seriously fantastic week. I know mine was filled with lots of cleaning and unpacking but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I know it's only the first week but I really thought this transition into a full-time blogger/stay-at-home-wife would be more difficult for me. I'm loving it so far but I'll let you guys know how I'm feeling again in a few weeks. 

I can't believe we're almost coming up on the end of June already. In just a few days Justin and I will have been married for a month and this blog will be a year old! There are so many exciting things that I'm going to be working on and launching in the next month, including the AM Coffee Collective and I can't wait to share everything with you guys. One of those new things for SMC posts is a blogger link up! I mentioned a few SMC posts back that I wanted SMC to be more of a collaborative/group thing and I finally found a way to do that thanks to Lizzie in Lace who I collaborated with on a link up on Friday. So if you're a blogger and want to get involved in the Saturday Morning Coffee link up, all of the info is at the bottom of this post! 

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup

People are always shocked when they find out that I'm a huge soccer fan, including my husband. I have loved soccer for as long as I can remember. Like, your girl wanted to be Mia Hamm when she was younger. I didn't play after middle school and it's one of my biggest regrets in my 26 years but that's neither here nor there. Some of my favorite memories revolve around watching soccer and, more specifically, the FIFA World Cup. This year without the US in the mix, I've found it hard to really route for anyone. Obviously, I always route for my tried and true, Brazil but that's as far as I've gotten for actually routing for anyone. I'm interested to see how this world cup shakes out so I'll keep you posted on who I end up cheering for the most!


IGTV is Instagram's idea of taking on YouTube directly and I am here for it. I've already seen some great content put out there by my fellow creators which have me really excited to experiment with it myself. I've already put up on IGTV video, our master bedroom sneak peek, on our house Instagram (@thechambleehouse). Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see done in IGTV format! I'm thinking maybe an SMC post, as well as a round of #AskDar, could be fun!

R. Riveter Summer Sale

R. Riveter is having a huge sale on their summer handbags which means you can snag one of these amazing bags for a heck of a deal. The bags are 20% off and you can use my code RRDARRIAND to get an additional 15% off! That easily makes my favorite little bag, The Patton, under $100. 

Life on a Military Installation

I am loving how simple living on post is. The area around our home is adorable filled with playgrounds, soccer goals, and vast fields. I can't wait to pick up a soccer ball and kick it around. The dogs and I have been loving getting up in the mornings and going for long walks before the heat sets in. Plus, we're only a few blocks from the dog park which Gatsby has been loving! So far, I can't imagine our life being anything other than what it is right now. You can read more about our move to Georgia in my new series, PCS Diaries

The First SMC Link Up!

Link-ups are new to me but they are such a fun way to connect with other bloggers and to gain new readers! I decided that doing a link up for SMC would be a great way to make this a more collaborative post, sort of like we're sitting down and chatting over a cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite beverage of choice in the mornings is!). For this link-up, just include your favorite blog post that you've published this week! The rest of the instructions for participating in the link-up are below! I can't wait to see what your favorite blog post of the week is!