AM Coffee Talk #05 - Army Football, Good Food in Philadelphia, + More!

This is a super special Saturday Morning Coffee coming to you from Philadelphia! I am in Philly for the weekend for the annual Army/Navy game so that's also why this post is going up a little late. I hope you all had an amazing week! Justin and I have already had so much fun spending time with our friends and soaking up these last moments of Firstie year. Weekends like this are what make me so grateful for our little West Point fam

Speaking of friends, how cute is this saying above the door in the Irish pub we were in last night? The food and drinks and conversation were amazing but this saying really resonated with me and made me think of all of you who continue to support this blog. Cute, right?

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ONE || My Monster

My Beachbody coach is an amazing woman. She is so incredibly strong and passionate and I am so so so happy that God placed us in each other's lives. Like me, she also struggles with anxiety and she recently shared this post on her own blog. If you have anxiety, I highly suggest giving it a read. It had me all *hands up emoji*.

TWO || Vlogging

Justin and I decided that we're bringing back the vlogs!! We were reminiscing about some of our favorite moments from the previous year and how much we enjoyed having those on YouTube for us to watch back later. After this, we decided to bring them back! If you aren't already subscribed, you can find our channel here!

THREE || R. Riveter

It's been a hot minute since I talked about how much I love this brand on the blog but R. Riveter recently released an amazing video explaining their mission. I actually cried while watching this video because it resonated so much with me. I will support this brand until the day that I die because they are just such an inspiring group of women. Check out the video and if you're looking for some great gifts, make sure to visit the R. Riveter website! You can use my code: RRDARRIAND for 15% off!

FOUR || Target Finds

Y'all. If you don't follow me on Instagram or haven't liked my Facebook page yet (which you really should do both!) I was featured this week on the Target Finds website! This was a HUGE moment for me. It was featuring my new favorite sweater that I wrote all about this week.

FIVE || Army Football


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