AM Coffee Talk #07 - Dupes for My Favorite Sweater + Freebies

This week's Saturday Morning Coffee is coming from my mother's living room in Virginia. Y'all, I don't know what is with this weather but it is WARM down here. Also, it's currently sleeting/snowing/raining in New York so I am so thankful to not be there this weekend. Justin is in Alaska visiting his family and it has been a little weird not being there with him. We have spent every Christmas since we started dating in Alaska so I'm really missing being with him and his family but thankful that I get to spend some time with mine. 

I used to live in this area of Virginia between college and moving to West Point when I got my first real job. I love coming back every once and a while to see what has changed. There is this great shopping center that has literally everything you could ever need, including Wegman's, and they keep opening new stores everytime I come to visit! My mom and I stopped by this adorable sweet shop called Sweet Society and they had all different sorts of candies. Plus, this adorable candy themed Christmas tree.

sweet society, pastel christmas tree

I know that the holiday season is truly supposed to be a time of reflection and rest but I have been hustling HARD on the blog this week. That means I'm pretty much burnt out at this point in the week but what that means for you is that I have some super great awesome resources to share as part of this week's Saturday Morning Coffee roundup! Let's get right into it, shall we?

ONE | Lonestar Southern Weekly Recaps

One of my favorite bloggers is Kate of Lonestar Southern. Not only is her style impeccable but she just might be the sweetest person in the world. Anyways, she has recently started this series on her YouTube channel called Weekly Recap where she just casually sits down and chats about her week. I love tuning into these videos and yes, I have left a comment on both of the ones she's done so far. 

TWO | Dupes for my favorite sweater

Y'all know I have been obsessed with this sweater but I have gotten so many messages about how you guys can't get your hands on it because Target won't get their act together and make more. So this week I rounded up A TON of dupes for my sweater along with similarly styled ones. There's a sweater for every budget so check it out here!

THREE | Goal Digger Podcast

I was chatting with a fellow blogger and Army wife this week about the struggles of blogging (and Instagram) and she mentioned the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. I immediately downloaded all of the episodes so I could binge listen all the way from New York to Virginia and I was actually mad at times that I wasn't listening to it while doing nothing so that I could take notes. This stuff is GOLD y'all. Whether you're a blogger, photographer, or just a bad ass business lady, you have to check this podcast out ASAP!

FOUR | Secret Bloggers' Business 

Like I said, I've been hustling hard on the blog this week. I've even been thinking about bringing on an Intern... EEK. Secret Blogger's Business has been popping up all over my research and Pinterest this week and I'm pretty obsessed with this site. If you're a blogger you HAVE to check it out because there are so many free and incredible resources that I just can't get enough of! I have so many ideas for content coming in 2018 because of this site, it was seriously a game-changing find!

FIVE | Free Resource Library

Speaking of free resources, did you know that I have an entire library of amazing resources that are FREE for you? That's right! Whether you're looking for a depression tracker, a road trip checklist, or an eBook for college girls, there's something for everyone in the resource library. The best part? My resource library is only getting better. I'm going to be adding so many great resources and you only have to sign up once to have lifetime access!