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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Bullet Journal

Starting a bullet journal can be overwhelming so I decided to write The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Bullet Journal! I get so many messages about starting a bullet journal so I tried to think of everything I could possibly tell you guy after going through three bullet journals in order to truly make a guide that works for you. You can also subscribe to the Made in Mom Jeans Coffee Break Newsletter for a downloadable list of 25 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas as a bonus!

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Bullet Journal Gift Guide

I started my first bullet journal back in August and I am happy to say that it is something I continue to use on a daily basis. Once I transitioned from being a student, having a bullet journal just seemed to fit more with where I was in my life.

If you know someone who loves to bullet journal, has talked about starting a bullet journal, or just likes to make lists, this gift guide for bullet journals is going to be great for you! Bonus, they're all available on Amazon with Prime shipping for you last minute shoppers out there!

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Why I Started a Bullet Journal

Y’all, how has another week come and gone already? I swear this year is f-l-y-ing by. On the one hand I’m totally okay with it and on the other I’m just like *insert wide eyed emoji here*. Happy Hour this week revolves mostly around my new love, bullet journaling. This is not the first time I’ve tried my hand at the bullet journal trend but this time I’m determined to stick with it. If you have no idea what a bullet journal is you can check out more about the whole bullet journaling system here. What started out as a quick way to plan has grown into a form of creative expression for those that use them.

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