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10 Lessons I Learned in College (The Hard Way)

Recently my post 5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College has gotten a lot of traffic which has been given me some serious flashbacks to my college days. I remember how scared I was on the first day of college, just a little freshman who didn't have a clue what the next 4 years were going to have in store. Boy, do I wish I could time travel back in time or write her a letter. If you're a college gal, this post is definitely for you. Here are 10 Lessons I Learned in College (The Hard Way).

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Advice for College Graduates

When I graduated from college in 2014, I had no idea what the future was going to hold. I only knew three things.1). That I was moving to Washington, D.C. for a 4-month long internship, 2.) That singing Country Roads at graduation was going to be one of the hardest things I had ever done, and 3). I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So as I was scrolling through Facebook and Instagram this week, seeing all of the excitement around college graduation, I knew it was time to write down my advice for college graduates.  The people who were getting their acceptance letters to West Virginia University when I was graduating from WVU in 2014 will be walking across the stage in just a few short weeks and it's hard not to reflect on what I was feeling at that time.

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10 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start in your Twenties

Growing up I don't remember actually having any real "traditions" in the traditional sense... pun intended. With the exception of going to church, getting pajamas, and opening up stockings our Christmas Eve's around the house were pretty tame. That's why, when Justin and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to make a list of some really fun Christmas Eve traditions that we could start in our twenties. 

Starting these Christmas Eve traditions now will make it that much more fun when we have a family down the road. I love the idea of being able to share stories and even pictures and video of all of our past Christmas Eves. I know everyone is super busy today so I thought a quick, Christmas themed post would get us all in the mood for Christmas!

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Why I Started a Bullet Journal

Y’all, how has another week come and gone already? I swear this year is f-l-y-ing by. On the one hand I’m totally okay with it and on the other I’m just like *insert wide eyed emoji here*. Happy Hour this week revolves mostly around my new love, bullet journaling. This is not the first time I’ve tried my hand at the bullet journal trend but this time I’m determined to stick with it. If you have no idea what a bullet journal is you can check out more about the whole bullet journaling system here. What started out as a quick way to plan has grown into a form of creative expression for those that use them.

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5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College & FREE EBOOK FOR COLLEGE GIRLS

Seriously, where did the summer go? I mean, if you’re reading this because you’re about to go back to college or back to school, then you’re probably thinking exactly the same thing. It’s been 3 years since I graduated from undergrad at West Virginia University and this past May, I finished up my Master’s Degree. Ever since leaving West Virginia University, I’ve found myself reflecting each year around this time on my undergrad life. In May I took a couple old posts on lessons I learned in college (the hard way) and turned them into a video but this time I figured it would be fun to talk about the things I regret NOT doing while I was in college. But there’s a bonus surprise that comes with this post: I wrote my first eBook!

When I was looking back on all the things I learned and experienced in college, I realized that there’s a lot of issues that no one ever talks about and I wanted to do something to help. So I gathered up a few of my old college related blog posts and wrote a few more things and created The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to College. Whether you’re trying to figure out what in the heck to do during Syllabus week or navigating dating, relationships, and sex, I hope The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to College will help you navigate your college years in some way (I know I wish I had something like this back then!). The best part is the eBook is totally FREE all you need is an email! You can get the eBook instantly to your inbox by signing up right below!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk more about the things I regret not doing in college.

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How I Feel about HerCampus and HerConference 2017 Recap

Last week, I did something a little crazy. On Wednesday, I made the decision to buy a ticket to HerConference after one of my blogger besties asked if I would be going. I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet up with her and y'all, my cup is so full. There is something so rewarding and empowering about being surrounded by a group of like minded women. Not all of them are bloggers but we all have the same goals in mind: to write and to help people.

Some of you may not know this, but I wanted to be a journalist pretty much my entire life until I got to college. I had an unfortunate incident with a journalism professor that pretty much soured my taste for it. Had HerCampus been what it is now back then, I can see how my path would have been so much different.

So what is HerCampus? Check this snippet out from their website:

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