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Our Unplugged Date to Georgia's Little Grand Canyon featuring Gold Peak Tea at Krystal's

Dating, when you finally find the right person, is probably one of the most blissful parts of a relationship. There are still butterflies, you're still SO excited to see each other when the day ends, and there's still lots of adventures and "firsts" to be had. The possibilities, when you're dating, are really endless. But what happens once you've been dating for a few years and your relationship has seemingly hit a wall of stagnant "date nights" that include watching Netflix while simultaneously scrolling on your phones?

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Is Having Anxiety about Marriage Normal?

Today's blog post is very much a free write so I'm sorry in advance if some of my thoughts don't make sense. When I sat down to write a wedding-related post for today, I had an entirely different vision of what this post would look like (ie: wedding gift guide for everyone). But when I found that I was struggling SO HARD to write anything at all, I knew that I was being called to share something different.

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How Do You Know If He's "The One?"

Justin and I had been online acquaintances for I would say three or four months that first day I drove to Grant Turnaround at the United States Military Academy to pick him up one evening. It was a drab, March evening and I was really anxious. It was a Friday and I had just sped home from work and back to change my clothes for our "date". I say "date" because I honestly had no idea at the time whether or not it was a date. Meeting up with someone I had met online, let alone a guy isn't something I had ever done before. I remember my heart pounding as I pulled into the turnaround, nothing but granite and concrete and gray surrounding me. 

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What We Learned Replacing My Engagement Ring - Buying an Engagement Ring

The way Justin tells it, buying an engagement ring is one of the most stressful moments of his life. That's why I'm so happy to say that he's worked with me on today's post which is all about buying an engagement ring! More specifically, today we're going to be talking all about the lessons we learned when we had to replace my engagement ring after only a year!  

Buying an engagement ring is one of those things where when it goes wrong, it seems to go really wrong and that's pretty much what happened to us. Having to replace my engagement ring left me heartbroken and while I ended up getting an "upgrade" it still doesn't take away from the fact that the ring Justin actually proposed with is now basically gone. 

If you're planning on buying an engagement ring, definitely don't let the same mistakes we made happen to you! Here's a little advice from both of us on buying and replacing and engagement ring!

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25 Super Romantic Last Minute Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

We’ve all been there. One day you’re celebrating the start of a brand new year and the next thing you blink and it’s the week before Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re planning a last minute date for Valentine’s Day because you forgot, looking for date night ideas on a budget, or just looking for some super romantic date ideas in general, this list if for you!

Valentine's Day not really your thing? Don't click off just yet! These 25 super romantic date ideas aren't just for Valentine's Day! Justin and I didn't have a lot of money when we first started dating to go out on dates all of the time so a lot of these dates are super cheap and easy to do with things you already have! I love changing up date night with unique date ideas so I hope you'll find this list helpful for planning your own date nights in the future! 

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How to Write the Perfect Love Letter for Valentine's Day

Most people feel as though the days of crafting love letters are dead and gone but I, a hopeless romantic, disagree. One of my favorite things to do for Justin is writing love letters! I really started becoming fond of them when he was away in training the first summer we were together. Even though we got to talk for a bit on the phone most nights, we both enjoyed the love letters. He even wrote me some letters of my own this past summer!  Since Valentine's Day is coming up and Y'all asked on my InstaStories for more Valentine's Day ideas on the blog, I figured writing love letters was a great place to start! Now writing love letters has become my go-to for sending that little extra something whenever Justin needs a pick me up. I love to surprise him with a handful of love letters when he's least expecting it! 

But crafting love letters can be a bit of a challenge. If you haven’t been together very long, you could be afraid to say too much. Awkward. If you’ve been together awhile or frequently write letters, it can feel like you’ve already said all that there is to say. It can definitely feel a little overwhelming. Here are some tips that will get you closer towards crafting the perfect love letter!

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