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An Open Letter to our Fort Benning Home

PCS season for military families means leaving one home and moving to another. It can be so hard to make a house into a home when you know that your time there is short and that it’s just temporary, even if you own the home. I wanted to make sure that my family was cherishing every moment in each of our houses along this Army journey and I thought a great way to do that would be to write a letter to each of our homes along with taking photos of our first day in each home and our last day (give or take) in each home. This is my first open letter to our Fort Benning home, 307B.

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Places We Love at Fort Benning

I know there are new people coming to Fort Benning every day so I figured a round-up of the places Justin and I are loving so far would be super helpful for anyone who is new to the area. I blinked and we've been here a month already and man, there's a lot you can do here in a month. Granted, most of the places we love involve food and/or beer but that's just us. We have been loving exploring our new area on the weekends so maybe I'll update this post regularly throughout our time here.

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PCS Diary: West Point, New York to Fort Benning, Georgia

Guys, it has been one heck of a week and it's only Wednesday! Justin and I are settling into married life pretty well and ICYMI: we made our first move! Last weekend we moved from New York to Georgia of all places and Y'all... it is HOT. Man, people weren't kidding when they said it was hot and humid down here. Anyways, my girl Tomi over at GOODTOMICHA just recently moved to San Francisco and has these adorable blog posts all about her time there and I thought it would be cute to do something similar to document all over our moves. Because when you're a military family, there sure are a lot of them! 

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