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Currently In My Shopping Cart, 6/20/19

I love sharing the things I’m currently shopping for with you guys and y’all seriously loved the last post I did about what was currently in my shopping cart (hard to believe that was just after Jasper was born!). So I figured I would make this a thing that happens every other Friday on MIMJ. If you’ve been following along on our moving journey then you’ll know we just moved into a HUGE house with lots of blank empty walls. Our stuff comes NEXT FRIDAY thank the sweet Lord but you can expect to find me shopping for a lot of home decor for the foreseeable future. Baby items are also a frequent purchase as Jasper is growing so fast and I’m always looking for new things to entertain him with. I’ll be doing a Baby Essentials blog post for his 0-3 month favorites coming up soon so stay tuned for that if you’re interested in all the baby things.

Let me know what you’re shopping for, products your loving, and whatever else you’re currently coveting down in the comment section! I love seeing what you guys are buying and you seriously have THE BEST recommendations!

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Currently In My Shopping Cart

Things have been a little wild around here since Jasper made his appearance last week but I that hasn’t stopped me from adding tons of things to my shopping cart lately. I figured I would round up what I’ve purchased recently and what I’ve got my eyes on and share that with y’all today! Now that I’m no longer pregnant (!!!) I’m dying to get back into normal jeans and my normal style. I’ve been trying to find the perfect relaxed jean for mom life. I’ve also added two new TULA products to my skincare routine! What’s currently in your shopping cart?

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