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7 Ways I'm Preparing for a Military Marriage

Something I get asked a lot as our engagement has progressed is "how are you preparing yourself for marriage?" To be honest, the thought never really crossed my mind in my single years, like it probably should have, but as our wedding date has drawn closer and closer, I've noticed that I've been focusing a lot more on not only preparing myself for marriage but for a military marriage as well.

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How My Long Distance Friendships Have Prepared Me for Military Life

If there's one thing you can mentally prepare for ahead of time when you're becoming a military spouse or reaching a big transitional moment in your life is the potential of moving. Moving away from your friends and family, from your college town or the street you've lived on your entire life can be scary, especially when you don't know whether or not your friendships and relationships will last. 

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#AskDar - Fears about Military Life, Childhood Friends, Ridiculous Wedding Expenses + More!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog (or hi if you're new!). It's a new month and that means another round of #AskDar! I try to do one of these every month so if you've got a question you're just dying to know the answer to, make sure to leave it by filling out this form

Have I told you lately how good you are at asking questions? The questions I get are never easy for me to answer! These are seriously some of my favorite posts on the blog (and they're actually yours too)! I was so sad that I wasn't able to get one up in February but maybe, if I get enough questions this month, I can do a second one!

I can't believe how quickly March is already flying by. I'm so excited to also announce that those who participated in my 2017 Reader Survey will also be getting a special little email today! Remember when I mentioned that rebrand? *wink, wink* Alright, alright, I'll stop teasing. Without any more delay, let's get right on into this month's blogger Q & A! 

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