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6 Things We Learned from our PCS to Alaska

Another year, another PCS season. In our short time with the military, we've managed to experience two of the most popular types of moves in just a year. When we did our DITY move to Georgia, I shared some lessons we learned so I figured I would do the same to talk about our experience getting moved by military movers to Alaska. Mostly so I could make a list to remember what to avoid next time LOL.

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What We Learned from Our DITY Move to Georgia

This post has been highly requested and pretty much has been something I've been trying to write since we moved from New York to Georgia in June. It's crazy that we've already been here for three months and are working into our fourth right now. For all my non military people who might be reading this, a DITY move is basically a do-it-yourself move. I think the name has actually changed to Personally Procured Move but DITY move definitely rolls off the tongue better. Anyways, that's neither here nor there. There are a lot of reasons to chose a DITY move for military families over having the military move you, one of which being that you actually get reimbursed for the money you spend on the move. You can typically make a decent amount of money off of a DITY move which is why it's so popular among military families. Oh, and you don't have to worry about movers breaking your stuff or getting it mixed up with someone else's belongings. Yeah, real things that happen. 

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4 Resources for Researching Duty Stations without Spouse Groups

Wow, wow, wow. That's all I can say right now. I realize that I completely forgot to touch on this on the blog a few weeks ago but Justin recently found out which branch of the Army he will be in along with the rest of the Class of 2018. In just 51days we- I say we but Justin will be the one there and actually picking the envelope- get to choose our first duty station! This past Friday, all of the branch allocations were released meaning we have an idea of the types of units are at which posts and how many slots are available at each of those posts. If you're overwhelmed, join the club because that makes two of us!

Justin and I spent almost all of Saturday evening researching our options. You would not believe the amount of digging it takes to find out basic information about posts! After posting on Instagram and chatting with a fellow gal about finding information, I decided that I need to write this post and get it up ASAP for those of you in similar positions. 

Let me just preface this by saying that I had to REALLY dig for this information. I'm also fumbling through all of this as I go so I'm by no means an expert. I just wanted to share some of the resources I did find in case you're researching duty stations as well! 

Anyways, choosing your first duty station is a HUGE deal. I'm low key freaking out about where we're going to be. This is where our life is truly going to get started and where we'll most likely buy our first home. Big deal, right? I wanted to make sure we are making as informed a decision as possible so looking up each possible post and discussing it was a no-brainer for me. I hope you find some of these resources as helpful as we did!

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