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Life, Lately Vol. 1: We Moved to Alaska!

Life, Lately is an ongoing series on Made in Mom Jeans where I’ll be sharing, well, life lately! You can expect to find all of the life updates you’re looking for here from how Jasper is doing to what we’re up to as a family to important blog and social media updates. In the first edition of Life, Lately I’ll be talking all about our move to Alaska, share a little more about the house, what it was really like living without Internet for a month and Jasper’s 2 month update!

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I'm Taking Back All the Negative Things I Said about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I can remember vividly the last time I stood in line, anxiously awaiting the debut of anything to do with Harry Potter. The year was 2011, I was 19, and the final chapter, Deathly Hallows Part Two, was about to premiere. My friends and I had just finished a 24 Hour Harry Potter Movie Marathon leading up to the midnight premiere and were dressed to the nines in our best Hogwarts gear. (And I had a Blackberry at the time so phone pictures were definitely sub-par...). I can remember the anticipation that lodged itself in the pit of my stomach until the lights went down and the opening music began.

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#AskDar - Gender Equality, Love at First Sight, + More!

It's time for another round of #AskDar and if your first thought is, "ALREADY?" then congrats, we're in the same boat! I try to do one of these Q + A posts each month as long as you guys enjoy them and submit questions so real quick before we get started a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted questions so far for one of these posts. A small reminder that you can submit a question for an #AskDar post anytime by filling out this form right here!

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#AskDar - (Politics in the Military, Starting a Family, Why I Blog + More!)

OMG Y'all, this week has just FLOWN by. Am I right? We are already more than a week into 2018 and I’m still holding on to my butt wondering where 2017 went. (In other news, I have no idea where that little saying even came from but accurate description of how I’m feeling). I’m writing this post our real quick today so I just want to quickly thank everyone who voted in my poll on InstaStories and obviously, super special thanks to everyone that asked me a question for this round of #AskDar! ICYMI: you can ask me a question about LITERALLY anything using this handy dandy form right here and it could get answered on another one of these posts! I’m going to try to keep them rolling at least every other month but could be more depending on how many q’s I get to a! 

I cannot believe I’m leaving to head back to the Mountain Mama (West Virginia for those of you who don’t know) to celebrate my bridal shower this weekend! It is going to be a weekend filled with so much good food and company that I can hardly contain my excitement. My dad is taking Justin on a hot dog tour of my hometown on Saturday and I can’t wait to get his reaction. Maybe I should have him document the adventure for a blog post! HAHA. I’m dying just thinking about the picture, honestly.

Alright, alright, alright! Let's get into this #AskDar Q + A, shall we?

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Blogger Flashback: Christmas Through the Years 2017

First of all, Merry Christmas! If you took the time to stop over here today then I want you to know how much I truly appreciate it. When I was filling out my content calendar for December, I couldn't decide what to post on Christmas Day. I wanted to post something that everyone could read and enjoy, regardless of whether or not they actually celebrate Christmas.

When I did my reader survey a week or so ago, someone suggested that I do something along the lines of a Storytime video you would see on YouTube. While I don't have a particular story to share with you all, I thought it would be fun to do what I'm affectionately calling "Blogger Flashback". I think this is a series that I can continue to do for all sorts of holidays and events so I'm real excited about it. Anyways, this is obviously the Christmas edition so grab your peppermint hot chocolate, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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Celebrating my Mother's Wedding, Weekend Recap

Hello guys! I hope you enjoyed your weekend AND week. Friday the 13th is always a weird day for me and today is no exception. I completely forgot to write this post! That and a few other things have me a little off my game today but I figured this weekend recap would be a fun way to share some exciting memories with y'all! This is the second weekend recap I've done (you can check out the first one here) and I love doing them. I also like reading weekend recaps from other bloggers as well. If you want to see more frequent weekend recaps let me know! And, if you have a weekend recap from last weekend on your blog, leave a link so I can check it out!

I honestly had to pick and choose which photos to include in this post because last weekend was filled with SO many good memories. I had the honor (LOL) of being the Maid of Honor in my Mom's wedding!

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