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The Kind of Military Spouse I Want to Be featuring the R. Riveter Corbin Backpack

Today's post is kind of one of my favorites I've written in a while. I was able to test out R. Riveter's new Corbin backpack before it was released to the public and Y'all, I am obsessed. But this post is pretty much me fangirling over the namesake for the backpack. Trust me, you'll understand why when you hear more about Margret Corbin.

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What's in My Handbag - R. Riveter Patton

You guys! I've got a super fun post today. I'm going real OG here on the blog with an old school "what's in my handbag" post! The twist? I'm showing you what's in my R. Riveter Patton, my little "do everything, go everywhere" bag. If you've seen me out and about, chances are you've seen me with either of my two R. Riveter Patton handbags. Becuase the Patton is so small, I figured I would show you all why it truly is my favorite little bag around. 

The Patton alone provides 7 military spouses with mobile, flexible income. How cool is that? Just like the woman it's named after, the Patton is my go-to bag for pulling double, triple, even quadruple duty. You can find more information about the R. Riveter Patton here and don't forget to use the code RRDARRIAND at checkout for 15% off. 

Now, let's get right into what's in my handbag: R. Riveter Patton edition!

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R. Riveter Handbags, #BagsOnAMission Brand Ambassador

When I first started dating Justin, I had a vague understanding of what my future would hold if we got serious, admittedly, most of which I had only seen through television. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what it’s like to be a military spouse or significant other. I’ve heard all of the horror stories about how terrible military spouses and significant others are to each other (I mean, have you watched Army Wives?), how difficult it is to find employment as a military spouse, stereotypes about how all I’ll end up doing is having kids, etc. You name a military spouse stereotype, someone has told me that’s what my life is going to amount to as Justin and I begin this next chapter of our lives. Heck, even the West Point Girlfriend’s Group has a bad reputation for being filled with catty, obnoxious women.

I know, the world isn’t perfect and every group has it’s bad seeds, but if you look past the stereotypes, you’ll find something truly amazing. I have always struggled with feeling like I belong. If you’ve read my 5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College, then you’ll know that one of those things is that I didn’t join a sorority. I’m not saying that being a military significant other is like being in a sorority but I do feel like I’ve finally found that sense of community I have always been looking for.

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