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How I Manage Being a Stay at Home Mom and a Military Spouse

I get asked all the time how I manage being a stay at home mom while also being a military spouse. If you're a military spouse who is thinking about having kids or just curious about our lifestyle, I'll be the first one to tell you that there are a lot of days where you will feel like you're in this alone. There are some days where I feel like all I'm doing is the bare minimum to get us through the day and then there are days where I'm straight up crushing this whole stay at home mom thing. It's okay to have both days. My goal with this article is to share how I manage being a stay at home mom and a military spouse and hopefully give you some helpful stay at home mom tips and tricks for military spouses to keep you motivated and doing your best.

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Our Unplugged Date to Georgia's Little Grand Canyon featuring Gold Peak Tea at Krystal's

Dating, when you finally find the right person, is probably one of the most blissful parts of a relationship. There are still butterflies, you're still SO excited to see each other when the day ends, and there's still lots of adventures and "firsts" to be had. The possibilities, when you're dating, are really endless. But what happens once you've been dating for a few years and your relationship has seemingly hit a wall of stagnant "date nights" that include watching Netflix while simultaneously scrolling on your phones?

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How to Plan a Spontaneous Day Trip to the Beach

My entire life I have dreamed of living near a beach. Since moving to Georgia and realizing that the closest beach was only 3.5 hours away, I have been dying for a trip to the beach. This past weekend, the hubby and I loaded up a cooler and packed the car with all of our beach essentials to drive down to Panama City Beach to meet up with my closest cousin for a day trip! 

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The Easiest, 3 Step Skin Care Routine for Women in their 20s

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't always treated my skin the best. In fact, I didn't even have a skin care routine until I turned 25 last year! Taking care of your skin is so important and it wasn't until I stopped taking birth control and started dealing with horrendous adult acne that I realized how important it truly was. That's why I'm sharing my easy skin care routine with you guys today in the hopes that it will inspire you to take action and start taking better care of your skin like right now!

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Customizable Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

Remember when I said that the most stressful part of wedding planning was doing our guest list? I may have lied. No, I think the most wedding planning stress has come from doing our invitations. Not only are wedding invitations expensive but finding the absolute perfect wedding invitation suite for you and your groom can be a total pain in the butt.  In fact, after feeling like we couldn't find a perfect design that hadn't already been used a thousand times, Justin and ended up designing our own and having them printed.  

That's why I'm SO excited to be bringing you today's post in partnership with Basic Invite. Seriously, when they reached out to me and I started browsing their online catalog of invites I was in heaven. I chose a few different samples to give you a better taste of what they offer but, Y'all, this doesn't even begin to cover it! 

Whether you're looking for a formal invitation for your wedding or an invitation for a party, Basic Invite has all of the bases covered with some absolutely amazing designs.  Seriously guys, I actually thought about re-ordering our invitations because the Basic Invite designs are THAT good. As soon as I had my samples in hand, I started making a list of all of the great features Basic Invite offers. But before we get into that, let's chat about 3 of the questions you should ask yourself when shopping around for your wedding invitations! 

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