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How to Plan a Spontaneous Day Trip to the Beach

My entire life I have dreamed of living near a beach. Since moving to Georgia and realizing that the closest beach was only 3.5 hours away, I have been dying for a trip to the beach. This past weekend, the hubby and I loaded up a cooler and packed the car with all of our beach essentials to drive down to Panama City Beach to meet up with my closest cousin for a day trip! 

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5 Things to Do at Epcot as an Adult

The first time I ever wen to Walt Disney World, I was under 5 years old. I was so freaked out by all of the characters that I wouldn't go to any of them, not even Mickey! Finally Snow White somehow coaxed me over to her and actually held me. My parents were shocked! I've been to Disney World three times in total before this week.

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Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend - The Pros and Cons

You guys! How crazy is it that my Bachelorette Party has already come and gone? I'm freaking out that we now have less than 70 days until our wedding! I had so much fun this past weekend at my Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend! I seriously have the best bridesmaids in the entire world because they all went above and beyond to make sure I had a good time. We had so much fun visiting Nashville so I hope you're ready for a ton of great Nashville themed content! 

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24 Hours in New York City + Insta Story Round-Up

Another week has come and gone and February is closing soon. Is anyone else just standing here looking at the calendar and thinking, "What?" because seriously, WHAT. Times like these make you realize how much you need to cherish every moment of your life because one day you'll be looking back on it and wishing you had focused more on creating memories. That was basically what I had in mind when I decided to write this post. If you didn't catch Monday's post or follow my Instagram then you may not know that we celebrated a huge milestone last weekend: 100 days until Justin's graduation from West Point and 100 Days until our wedding. We usually take class weekends as a chance to relax and spend quality time together (Fun Fact: quality time is my love language) but this year we decided to do something a little different and actually spend a day in New York City.

Now, I've been to New York City a dozen times and every time is a different experience. Whether it's to attend HerConference last summer or brunch in the spring or a concert in my college days, New York City is one of those places that always makes me feel truly alive. Growing up, I had even dreamed of living in New York City and being a writer for a magazine (because what girl doesn't have this dream at some point in her life?). While I've come to realize that living in the city just simply isn't for me, I love that you can spend 24 hours in New York City and have an amazing trip. 

I like taking New York City day trips because it allows you to have all the fun of the city without actually spending a fortune or without running out of energy. So I figured I would recap our 24 Hours in New York City, give you a little idea of how to spend a day in New York City, and do a little Insta Story Round-Up from our trip!

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