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Reader Question: Staying Positive while Dating a West Point Cadet

Introducing Reader Questions! Reader Questions on Made in Mom Jeans is exactly what it sounds like. You guys send me questions and, with your permission, of course, I turn them into blog posts to help out others who may be going through similar situations! I love the idea of sharing my responses with not only the ones who asked the questions but also with the rest of you guys out there who can sometimes be in such similar circumstances and not even know it! Now, let's dive into the first Reader Question! Today’s Reader Questions is all about staying positive while dating a West Point cadet!

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A Letter to a West Point Significant Other

I have been seeing a lot of updates recently on the USMA Class of 2022 and their R-Day/BEAST experience and I started thinking about what was going through the minds of all of the loved ones they left behind. But specifically, the girlfriends and boyfriends that are about to embark on this journey with them. While Justin and I weren't together until halfway into his first year at West Point, the distance we've gained from West Point since graduation just a few short months ago has allowed me the chance to reflect on what it looks like to be dating someone who goes to West Point. I wanted to write this "letter" for lack of a better word to encourage those couples who are currently in a West Point relationship. 

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2018 West Point Graduation Week Recap

Y'all I am officially back from my not-so-planned hiatus! I really had planned on having blog posts going live over the course of our wedding week but with all of the graduation excitement and dealing with loss, I just was never able to sit down for long enough to write anything! I promise I'll be making up for it in the next few weeks though with some pretty exciting posts about the rebrand as well as moving vlogs! 

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A Letter to my Fiancé on his Graduation from West Point

This week has been a whirlwind. We've been so busy bouncing from event to event that I don't even know if it's hit you yet that you're graduating. But today is the long-awaited day. Today, the day you go from Cadet to "Old Grad" and join the Long Gray Line is finally here. Your path to this point hasn't always been easy. Heck, your first day here they didn't even know if you were going to parade because of the rain. But the clouds broke at the last minute and the sun shone brightly on you and your class. (I had to mention it, obviously, since no one else has yet). This moment on R-Day has defined your class. It's in your crest and everyone mentions it in their speeches, usually.  But it also defines who you have become. 

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Memories from West Point

When Justin and I first met, he was in his second semester at West Point. Honestly, graduation didn't even cross my mind at the time, other than to remind me that it was nearly four years away at that point. As we were driving past West Point on Sunday, Justin said, "I honestly didn't ever think I would get to this point." 

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The Perfect LBD for an Important Night - USMA Class of 2018 100th Night Recap

I don't know about Y'all but I'm definitely the type of girl that loves any excuse to get dressed up. But I get particularly excited to dress up for one of Justin's West Point class events.  Saturday night, we got dressed up to celebrate the USMA Class of 2018's 100th Night banquet! 100th Night celebrates 100 (or less) days until graduation and is a pretty huge moment. 

The 100th Night banquet is a little different because it's typically semiformal and the cadets get to wear suits! Justin looked so handsome in his suit and tie. When I was choosing my dress for the evening I struggled to find something I felt would flatter me, not be too cold, and would be something I could ultimately wear again. 

Enter, the perfect LBD from Eliza J. 

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