Thrift Shopping Haul + My Top Thrift Shopping Tips

I have been going through a bit of a fashion revival since I moved into this new phase of life. I realized over the last few weeks, and kind of over the last few years really, that my wardrobe just wasn't working for me. So I'm embarking on a new fashion journey that includes sustainable fashion choices and practices, thrift shopping, and creating a capsule wardrobe. I hope you're excited to embark on this journey with me!

I wanted to share yesterday's thrift shopping haul with you guys because it's the best one I've ever had. Thrifting isn't something I've ever really enjoyed or thrived at until yesterday and I feel like a new woman! I've also included 6 thrift shopping tips that I believe were the keys to my success with this thrift shopping haul! 

Thrift Shopping Haul 7. 26. 2018

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jeans - $3.00

I am obsessed with these Tommy Hilfiger jeans! The minute I put them on I instantly knew they were coming home with me. I love the cropped length and had intended on cutting them to give them more of that updated raw hem look but I honestly might just leave them the way they are because they make me feel so dang good. I used to be such a skinny jeans only type of girl but I've been branching out in the denim department lately and I'm so glad I took a chance on these babies! I can't wait to style them and hello, they were $3.00.

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Thrift Shopping Tips
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Thrift Shopping Haul, Thrift Shopping Tips

Vintage New York & Company Sweater Tank Top - $2.99

I have been on the lookout for one of these sweater tank tops for YEARS and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have one in my wardrobe. A sweater tank is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe and this one is in great condition. It's a really old top from New York & Company and I loved seeing the old label when I looked at the brand. Does anyone else love seeing old versions of clothing labels and find it fascinating? It's so cool to see the evolution of a brand. 

Floral Print Skirt - $3.99

I knew the instant I saw this skirt that I was going to love it. It was the perfect length and minimal pattern to be a great piece in my new wardrobe. It's also perfect for this stage of my life because it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. 

Thrift Shopping Haul, Thrift Shopping Outfit, Thrifted Outfit, Thrifting, Thrift Shopping Tips

Vintage L. L. Bean Dress - $5.49

This was the piece I was most excited/nervous about when I was headed toward the fitting room. I wanted this dress to work SO bad. Thankfully, the thrift shopping gods were really on my side yesterday because it fit almost perfectly. I think there is something so cool about this dress, even if it looks like something my mom wore in the 90s. 

Vintage L. L. Bean Dress, 90s Dress, 90s Fashion, Thrift Shopping Haul, Thrift Shopping Tips

H & M Platform Sneakers - $2.00

Normally, I would never buy someones used shoes. Like, talk about gross. But these shoes were so in style and in great condition AND exactly what I've been looking for in a casual sneaker that I couldn't pass them up. Did I mention that they were also a perfect fit? I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit so there is no way these babies weren't coming home with me. 

Vintage white platform sneakers, thrift shopping haul, thrift shopping tips

My Top Thrift Shopping Tips

I've never had this much luck thrift shopping but there are a few things I did this time that I haven't actually done before. So I wanted to share my thrift shopping tips with you guys in the hopes that some of my thrift shopping luck will rub off on you for your next thrifting trip! 

1. Have an idea of what you're looking for

This week I did something pretty drastic and completely cleared my wardrobe of anything I didn't love, didn't fit, or wasn't wearing. This left me with a lot of holes in my wardrobe but also allowed me to really narrow my focus when I was at the thrift store. I knew the vibe of the clothes I wanted, the color palette, and the types of silhouettes I really enjoy wearing and make me feel the best about myself.

2. Stick to one color palette 

I think this tip is honestly one of the ones that helped me the most in this thrift shopping trip. I only looked at the sections that were neutral colors because I knew that's what would fit the best in my wardrobe. This is one of the great things about switching to a capsule wardrobe, it makes shopping for key wardrobe pieces so much easier! It can be so easy to get overwhelmed when you're in a thrift store but if you know, for example, that you're not going to buy anything that's red or pink, then you can eliminate those sections of the racks from your search.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to shop

I went to the thrift store on a Thursday afternoon when I knew I wouldn't be in a rush. Thrift shopping can be pretty exhausting and overwhelming as I said before so allowing yourself enough time to really dig into the racks is definitely key to having a successful thrift shopping trip. 

4. Go through every rack

Now, before you freak out, remember that by this point you've given yourself enough time to do this and narrowed down the colors you're looking for so you're not actually going through each and every rack in the store. But seriously, start at one end of a rack and thumb your way through it, giving yourself enough time to take in each and every piece you come across. I started at the entrance, which just happened to be dresses, and worked my way around the racks. 

5. Don't pay attention to the size

This is probably another one of my most helpful thrift shopping tips because if I had been paying attention to sizing, I would have never put that L. L. Bean dress into my cart. Obviously, if you know a size is too small you probably shouldn't bother trying it on but I didn't pay attention to the label sizes for the most part if they were larger than what I typically wear. Brands change their sizing over the years so you never know what's going to fit! 

6. Try on everything you think might work

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I probably tried on 20 pieces of clothing items. My cart was so full that my fitting room looked like a disaster before I even started trying things on! I wasn't sure if any of the items would work or not but trying each item on lets you assess how well it will fit into your wardrobe, how many different ways you can wear it, and whether or not the condition is good enough.

What are your best thrift shopping tips?

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