Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

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Did anyone else not realize that Valentine's Day is just around the corner? While I'm a firm believer that creative, DIY gifts are the best for occasions like this, it might come as a shock to you that I'm not really the most creative person in the world. I mean, every time I try to draw something it basically looks like it's the work of a five-year-old...

I typically try to write Justin love letters when I'm trying to be romantic but sometimes, your girl also wants to spoil him by picking up a few tangible gifts. Y'all loved the gift guide for guys that I put together for the holiday season so I figured this was the perfect excuse to update the gift guide for guys for Valentine's Day! 

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Classic Gifts for Guys


Cologne is a classic gift for any guy on your list whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or holidays. Cologne is an especially good gift for guys if they have a slew of events coming up. I purchased this Dolce and Gabanna “The One” Cologne for my husband last year for Valentine’s Day and he wore it for 100th Night, all of our wedding events, and continues to wear it today!


Another classic gift for guys is the watch. I feel like watches are something guys always seem to need but never want to spend a lot of money on. Whether you’re looking to buy a nice dress watch or something they can be a little more rugged with, a watch is a classic valentine’s gift for guys.

Jacket or Clothing

Raise your hand if you have a man that’s seriously fashionably challenged. That’s my husband in a nutshell. If I never bought him any type of clothing, he’d never get new clothes. Or wear anything other than Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts… Anyways, for every holiday, birthday, etc. I get him some type of clothing item to add to his wardrobe. I usually choose classic staples that I know he'll never buy himself but that I know will look good on him and can also make him wear when we have photoshoots and things like that.

Entertainment Gifts for Guys

Personalized Beer Glasses

I’m a huge fan of giving personalized gifts for any occasion so I love these Monogram Beer Glasses from Target. Not only are they super affordable but they’re something any man who likes to drink beer will love. Kick this Valentine’s Day Gift up a notch by including his favorite beer and snacks in a basket along with the glasses!

Kitchen Gadgets

If you’re guy loves to cook or entertain or even just being around food when it’s being prepped, definitely consider buying some sort of kitchen gadget for Valentine’s Day. My husband doesn’t do much of the cooking but he loves new kitchen gadgets. In fact, he was so excited to buy a meat thermometer when we hosted our first Thanksgiving Dinner this past November that he now uses it any chance he can get! If you’re trying to get your dude to help you out more in the kitchen, a good kitchen gadget like this slap chopper is the way to go. (Seriously, my husband has asked for one of these for every occasion in the last year).

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good collection of board games? It seems like board games and hosting game nights are all the rage these days so if you and your guy love to entertain, consider getting him a new board game for Valentine’s Day! Another cute idea to step up the board game gift idea is to already plan a get together with all of his friends and surprise him when you give him the game! You could even go all out by including the board game with the personalized beer glasses and his favorite beer and snacks. Talk about a Valentine’s Day gift giving win!

Tech Gifts for Guys


Apple AirPods are a classic gift for any guy who loves technology. I know my husband would never in a million years by these for himself but he would be super psyched to get them as a gift. The AirPods are especially nice if your man has recently upgraded his phone or other tech accessory.

Google Home

The Google Home is definitely one of those gifts that’s good to get if you want something you can both enjoy. My husband loves playing with any type of new technology so I know a Google Home or even Amazon Alexa would keep him entertained for days to come. Plus, he could literally get a rundown of the latest news headlines which he absolutely loves reading in the mornings with his coffee so it would definitely be a thoughtful gift if your guy is always go go go in the mornings like mine is!

Travel Gifts for Guys

Personalized Passport Holder

If your guy is always on the go, whether for work or if he just has a passion for travel, you can’t beat these great personalized leather passport holders! They come in a variety of different colors and I love that you can personalize them. A passport holder is an especially great gift idea if you’re planning a trip or honeymoon soon!

Leather Notebook

I tossed this leather notebook under travel gifts but I honestly think it’s a classic gift for any guy. If you’re a military spouse, the small pocket sized versions are especially great for your man to stick in his uniform for notes throughout the work week. I got my husband one of these for Christmas and he kept mentioning how thoughtful of a gift it was!

Gifts for Guys Impossible to Buy For


Anytime someone asks me for gift recommendations for guys, I always mention ManCrates. If you’re guy is extremely hard to buy for, definitely check out the ManCrates website. I have purchased from them at least three different times for both my husband and my father and they’ve both loved each crate they’ve received (yes, some of the ManCrates come in actual crates!). My husband’s recent favorite was this gin making kit I purchased for his birthday last year!

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