What I Read in March

I somehow managed to make it through more than one book this month which I wasn’t expecting but despite being on the shorter side compared to January and February, this months reads were pretty good! I ended the month by stocking up on books at the local public library and can’t wait to continue to dive into the stack I brought home through April!

What I Read in March - Made in Mom Jeans by Darrian Chamblee

What I Read in March


Why I chose it: A book with a one word title

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I was really pleased with how much I enjoyed reading Outlander. I have watched a few seasons of the show and thought they did a really good job of capturing the story. There is something inherently more magical to me about reading the series versus watching the show but I definitely wouldn't have been able to visualize the characters and scenery as well without having the show background. I definitely don’t think this book is for everyone but if you like reading fantasy types or even historical fiction, you might want to add this to your list! I can’t say right now whether or not I’ll be continuing to read the series or just watching the show but I’m glad I can at least check the first book off my list!

Broken Things

Why I chose it: A book you chose based on the cover

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I initially picked this book up for the cover and then realized it was actually written by one of my favorite authors, Lauren Oliver! I have loved Lauren Oliver’s writing ever since her Delirium series came out (seriously need to reread it) so I had no doubts I would be able to fly through Broken Things when I read the synopsis. I wasn’t expecting Broken Things to be one of my favorite books I’ve read so far in 2019 but it kind of blew me away. I loved the underlying theme about stories and how they affect us all differently. It also made me think critically about the way different people can react to a situation in different ways and be affected by that.